CES is RIGHT around the corner and with it new point and shoot cameras.

And before the show has even started we have a leak – Casio will be announcing a new P&S with a unique hinge and swivel system – the Casio TRYX

Reminds me of an older Nikon P&S that had swivel screen and the even earlier Nikon 990/995 (I had the 995 and loved all 3.1 MPs of that camera!!)   Often these more unique cameras do not have the image quality to back up the quirky or maybe even useful features.  Last time I checked when someone takes a picture they hope the quality is top notch. I do like Casio’s high-speed P&S and their waterproof digital P&S so let’s hope!

New Camera Announcements –

samsung SH100 – Wifi enabled with ability to use your samsung wireless phone as remote w/ live view!  Chip inside this 14MP 720pHD capable camera lets you connect to your samsung phone(maybe other android phones too) and use the phones GPS for Geotagging and the screen for live view.  To get excited  about these possibilities I want you to imagine this scenario- you are about to take a group shot, one you wish to be in. Arrange your group- position yourself and instead of hoping everyone looks good you glance down at your phone and see a live feed of the group, nudge everyone a  few feet left and snap the pic.  Nice.

Kodak- has announced a series of new P&S. I have never been super impressed with the Kodak line unless you value ease of sharing over quality.  Of note in this new line up is their first waterproof camera, the Play Sport for only $79 too.  Kodak currently has a Flip competitor that does video and is waterproof and I often find myself recommending that to folks over the Flip for price and features so I am excited to see how this stacks up.  Always like the idea of a go anywhere, don’t need to worry about a little wet, dirt etc camera.

Kodak's new easy share sport P&S

Canon– has announced a refresh of their budget line including what will probably become my budget travel camera recommendation.

Other Rumors –

Polaroid will be introducing a slick new, nearly instant print camera

Nikon may introduce a mirrorless DSLR camera similar to the 4/3 models from Olympus

Sony will be introducing a camcorder with projector

Other manufactures including Canon will likely be refreshing at least some of their P&S line

I will keep this post updated – seems unlikely that any major companies will be announcing new DSLRs – those will come later this spring with the T3i/600D and T3/1100D maybe at the CP+ expo in Japan.  Nikon needs to replace the D5000 and that too should happen sometime later this winter or spring.

Beyond the cameras the tablets and phones should make CES exciting – what are you looking forward to?

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