Just a quick run down of SOME of the announced cameras


Sony’s new A77 (Amazon video) (pre-order) $1400 Body Only

  • This is their flagship APS-C sized sensor, not full frame.  Loads of technology crammed into this body of which the most significant is their translucent mirror technology which allows full time AutoFocus during video.  This is the fast Autofocus, not that slow crap that is in the current Nikon DSLRs and Canon doesn’t have anything approaching.  No flippy-uppy mirror means blazing fast FPS is also possible – 12fps.
  • OLED Viewfinder with 2 million dots resolution.  2x times the resolution of the gorgeous screens on the back of the newer Canon Rebels.
  • The world’s shortest release time lag at only 0.05 seconds. (How long it takes from having focus to taking the photo)
  • Face Recognition and face prioritizing – it will recognize family and friends and prioritize exposure of their faces
  • GPS
  • Tilt-able LCD

If I was an enthusiast just taking photos for fun, especially sports or fast action I would seriously consider this camera.    Sony still lacks in the lenses department but this is improving.

Sony NEX-7 (Wired Article) (pre-order) $1200 Body Only

  • This is most of the A77 tech crammed into Sony’s “pocketable” camera
  • APS-C sensor in a smaller body (larger sensor than the Micro 4/3 line)
  • 10FPS
  • Offers a hot shoe, customizable dials, and tiltable LCD
  • Electronic viewfinder with 100% coverage
  • HDvideo with full manual control


Ths is being billed as professional camera that will fit in your pocket.  Sure, with no lens it will easily slip into most pockets but the lens quickly adds bulk and the camera becomes a bit more awkward to hold.  That said this camera is, size-wise, on par with the 4/3 line like the GF3 but offers a good bit more technology and not only better low light performance but better image quality all around.  It is almost 2x the cost of the GF3 and other similar cameras and certainly more expensive than the entry level DSLRS.

NEX – 7 Hands on video

They also announced the NEX-5N (pre-order) $699  – 16MP APS-C sensor and touchscreen.   This is designed to compete with the 4/3 line, price is similar but missing the hot shoe of the NEX-7 and the nice controls.  Touch screens can be useful but not an excellent way to really get into the manual control of a camera.  High FPS gives parents of sport/dance active children a really nice tool for capturing those shots.




Nikon Announced the P7100 (Order) (Promo Video)- the successor to the P7000 that was billed as a Canon G12 competitor. The problem with the P7000 was the sluggishness of the camera. This looks to be addressed in the P7100 and it now offers a control dial on the front(love that) and the tilt-sivel LCD that has become so common on the larger P&S and entry level DSLRS

  • 7.1x and 10.1MP
  • Ability to shoot RAW files
  • HD movie (720p) with stereo sound recording zoom and autofocus are available during recording
  • 3″ 921K LCD
  • Optical Viewfinder – you be surprised how often I get asked which cameras still offer an optical viewfinder.  This is one of the few that still does.


There is are a few more P&S from Nikon – nothing that looks to exciting except the AW100(rugged/waterproof) I wrote about yesterday


I hope I have helped you make a bit more sense of these new releases.  I will be expanding my thoughts on these over the next few days and I am always happy to answer questions or help you decide which is best for you.  Find me on twitter @camerarec, use the chat link above or come post on the wall!



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