“The camera has been improved: the 4S has an 8 megapixel sensor shooting pics at 3264 x 2448 resolution. That’s 60% more pixels that the old iPhone’s camera. The iPhone 4S’ camera has backside illumination, the new sensor will allow the camera to gather 73% more light, and it’s faster than the iPhone 4′s old camera. The new Image Signal Processor Apple designed will also enable face detection and 26% better white balance. Apple has compared the iPhone 4S’ camera loading times to other phones, and it turned out the iPhone 4S shoots the first photo in a second, with the second picture to follow in 0.5 seconds. ”

Source: Mac Stories

I don’t really care about the comparissons to other phones, lets see how those times stack up against a few popular P&S cameras.

My favorite little all around P&S is currently the HS300 which is ready to shoot in 0.36 seconds, the budget A495 Canon is a little slower at 0.42 seconds.  To add in a dash of fairness that assumes these cameras are on and not asleep.  If you look at time to turn on and be ready for a shot we are somwhere north of two seconds – an eternity if something exciting is happening.  Sure the iPhone takes MUCH longer to turn on but how often do you actually have it off off, not just asleep.  With the addition of the camera button on the lock screen iOS5 you are looking at a very respectable time and one that will often beat these P&S to the action.

Used carefully the Iphone4 camera was capable of some excellent low light, low noise  shots like
Some nice low-light performance on the iPhone 4
and now the addition of more Megapixels, the backlit sensor and slightly faster lens and we may see the P&S market tanking even faster – Then again the P&S market doesn’t require an expensive month to month contract.


One last thought The iPhone 4S does 1080p video recording with image stabilization(using the built in gyroscope) and temporal noise reduction)basically compares each frame and makes a guess as to what is noise and what is detail, tossing out much of the former).  We should see some very nice video from this camera too and all with the ability to edit on the go. . .


I would love to hear your thoughts – interested?


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