Lots of inquires about deals on DSLRS and Lenses.  I should point folks toward the Canon DSLR/Lens bundles that can offer some nice savings

A few other deals float around too – Free SLR Backpack and 8GB SD card with some DSLR purchases

Free 4GB SD Card and Mini HDMI Cable when you buy the HS300

Save Big When You Bundle Select Canon DSLRs with Qualifying Canon Lenses and/or Printers

While supplies last, purchase a select Canon digital SLR camera along with qualifying Canon lenses and/or printers and receive up to $350 off the lenses at checkout and up to $500 off the printer via mail-in-rebate.

Bundle Discount and Eligibility:
$100 off the EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III when purchased with select Canon EOS T2i, and T3i cameras.
This is a budget zoom lens and with the discount is a decent value. Don’t expect amazing results, just decent results and you will need good light (bright) at the long range of the zoom to avoid blur.  OK if on very tight budget. After discount cost is ~$50

$200 off the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM when purchased with a Canon EOS 7D cameras.
Similar to the range of the lens above but with Image Stabilization(IS) and UltraSonicMotors(USM) for focus- This means that with IS you can avoid some of the blurry shots you would get with the cheaper version and with USM you have quick and quiet focus.  This lens is an excellent value at it’s normal price and one of the sharpest lenses in this price range. Excellent buy especially with discount. After discount cost is $280 and this is my pick for best value though I do realize it is still a chunk of money even with the discount.

$150 off the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II when purchased with select Canon EOS 7D, T2i, and T3i cameras.
This lens fits nicely with the kit starting off where the other stops.  It has IS and is a bit sharper than the EF 75-300 listed at the top.  Otherwise I feel about the same about it as I do the 75-300.  Though at $150 off this leaves the total cost of the lens at ~$50 which is also similar to the 75-300 and would be my preferred pick of the two.
$250-$350 savings if you purchase a DSLR with 2 qualifying lenses.

Everything conveniently listed for purchase – Canon DSLR/Lens bundles or Listed in bundles

Add a printer to your digital SLR camera purchase to qualify for the following savings:

Get a $400 American Express Reward Card via mail-in rebate with the combined purchase of the Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II photo printer and qualifying Canon cameras.

Get a $500 American Express Reward Card via mail-in rebate with the combined purchase of the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II photo printer and qualifying Canon cameras.

These printers are excellent but before jumping into this purchase you need to decide – only really worth it if you plan on printing a few times a week – ink/paper costs will add up and you will be printing at a cost of ~0.60 per print.  That is getting pricey.  Some have been buying and ebaying the printers – enough that the price you can expect to get for them is not nearly new prices, so if considering that check first.

– Printer offer is valid through December 31, 2011, or while supplies last.

– Savings on lenses are valid through November 23, 2011, or while supplies last.

Note on Availability: Select digital SLRs, lenses, and printers are in high demand and their availability may fluctuate. If you don’t see the digital SLR, lens, or printer that you’re looking for, check back periodically.

Savings apply only to purchases of products sold by Amazon.com and does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the Amazon.com site. To receive any of the discounts above, the eligible lens and printer must be purchased together with the qualifying camera in the same order. Amazon.com reserves the right to end or modify this offer at any time.


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