Okay – Magical might be a bit of an overreaching statement but I have a quick video below that outlines the steps to creating those flowing water photos. All you need is a camera with some control over shutter speed and a tripod. Watch the short video to see how it is all done.


Quick Tips:

  • Any flowing water will work – if the area isn’t particularly pretty, focus in close on a few rocks and capture the flow around them
  • Depending on the rate of water flow you might find that a shutter speed between 0.5 seconds and 8 seconds gives you the results you want
  • To get those longer¬†exposures¬†the light levels need to be low, if you find yourself with too much light try zooming in a bit

In this video I used the Canon SX230 – A wonderful little P&S but any P&S that gives you some control over the shutter speed will work. The Dolica TripodI recommend. Might be a bit overkill for a little P&S so something like the Joby Tripodwould be a bit more appropriate.

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 Here lizard, lizard! Captured with the #Sony #A9 and #100400 lens. It's sharp! #sonyalpha #sonya9 #sonygear #sonykandotrip
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