Canon recently announced new cameras in the 300 and 500 lines – for those counting we now have 10 similarly looking pocketable point and shoot cameras from Canon.   I already have a post detailing the difference between the 100, 300, 310 and 500, 510.  Now lets look at the three new P&S the HS320 and HS520 and compare them to the not-as-recent offerings from Canon.


Both offer 12MP and are almost exactly the same in every respect except –

Canon Elph 320 HS Canon Elph 520 HS Canon Elph 530 HS
Canon HS 530
Touch Screen at 3.2″, 5x zoom(24-120mm), Stereo audio recording, built-in Wi-Fi, 16MP Screen 3.0″, 12x zoom(28-336mm), Stereo audio recording, 10MP Touch Screen at 3.2″, 12x zoom(28-336mm),   Stereo audio recording, built-in Wi-Fi, 10MP
Buy from Amazon $279 Buy from Amazon $299 Buy from Amazon $349

Physically they are all very similar in size, the 520 is the slimmest at 0.75″ thick, the 320 at 0.83″ is the thickest. I put the number of megapixels last in the list, I don’t want you to focus on that – each of these cameras is going to take excellent images and in lower light the 520 and the 530 with less megapixels will give better results (less noise in the images).  They all offer 1080p video.  It mostly comes down to zoom and the Wi-Fi- what interests you? The 320 and 530 with the built-in Wi-Fi allow you to upload images as you shoot and share straight to Facebook and other social networks. Canon will be releasing apps for iOS and Android soon that will let you send and manage the images from your smartphone.   Or go for the 530 which has both.  One nice feature of all three – Face ID – You take a photo of faces you want the camera to remember and it will give those faces priority focus and in a group will take multiple photos, choosing the best as the one where the priority face was smiling and not blinking.   You can then search those faces by name.

None of these come with a memory card so I recommend the very nice San Disk Extreme for use in these Canon P&S cameras


Back of the Canon Elph 520 HS Back of the Canon Elph 530 HS
Back of Canon 530 HS
No Touch Screen Touch Screen
Buy from Amazon $299 Buy from Amazon $349

The big difference between the 520 and the 530 as seen from the rear. The back of these cameras is dominated by the screen with the touch functionality of the 530 replacing several physical buttons. As Always find me on twitter or Facebook if you have any questions.

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