About 1/2 way through Saturday I realized I had never watched a sunrise from a fire tower, seemed like a good thing to check off my list, even if I had only added it moments earlier.  There is a fire tower within 30 minutes drive and 15 minute hike so with camera ready and alarm clock set I went to sleep.   Woke to a cool clear  pre-dawn, a few robins were singing their little hearts out, otherwise it was still.  Slightly underestimated the drive so I ended up jogging the last 10 minutes of the hike, making it to the top of the fire tower just after the horizon had released its grip on the sun. A few high wispy clouds gave the sky some excellent color.  I shot a few frames with the 5D Miii and decided I wanted to share this moment at this moment.  Luckily I almost always keep an eye-fi card in the SD slot of the 5D, Paired it with my smartphone and pzzzt (the sound digital bits make as they fly through the air) they appeared on my phone.  Pressed the share to Facebook and there was this gorgeous shot for all to see.  Did I mention this was from the top of a fire tower? Yes? Well, how about in the middle of the woods in Southern Vermont – yep, I love this post PC era and gadgets like the Eye-Fi card let me enjoy it even more.

Sunrise from a Firetower

Of course with a smart phone with a decent 8MP camera I could of just taken the shot with my phone?  I think you will agree the two images aren’t comparable.

Sunrise from a firetower by the HTC RezoundAny of the Eye-Fi X2 Cards support direct mode (camera to phone or tablet) no computer necessary.   And I am always happy to answer questions about Eye-Fi cards or any tech really.

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