The Rush of Spring -Copyright Tobias Gelston 2012

I have been busy shooting and processing these last two days, last two abso-stunningly-gorgeous mornings to be more specific.   I thought I would share a quick overview of my workflow.  This is the general, aerial view of my workflow – depending on the shoot- commercial or personal-  I will make a few changes and will note those.

It all starts with the shooting, shoot, shoot and shoot some more.  I don’t spend time deleting in the field.  I shoot RAW but the workflow below would be the same for JPEGS.

Return home and begin the import via Lightroom.  If this is a shoot for a client I will have it make a backup (copy the files to an external) as it imports.  The files now exist in three locations- The card(s) they were shot on, my work machine and an external.  The cards get set aside, they do not get reformatted until later.

Once all images have been imported and Lightroom has created standard previews I begin staring.  1-star for all the keepers.  I usually take two passes through depending on the number of images.

I will start to work on the 1-stars – adjusting exposure, adding a bit of clarity, sharpness and other tweaks.  Often during this I will knock a few 1-stars back to 0, removing them from the final images.    Occasionally I will move an image into photoshop, mostly for panorama stitching or some serious clone stamp use.

I will now add keywords, title & captions, and geotag all those 1 star images.

Now I export all 1 star as jpegs; Quality 90, Resolution 240.  No to resizing and leave everything else as default.  Start these uploading to SmugMug(personal) or Zenfolio(Business).

Now I filter two stars or better and export those as original files along with the XMP sidecar and upload to Smugmug (personal) to enter the SmugVault.  Zenfolio doesn’t currently have a similar service so business files get backed-up to the external hard drive.  My personal files also get backed-up to the external as their own catalog.  From time to time I add these to yearly catalog, makes finding them lots easier.

I will come back and update this post with a few screen shots soon – Please let me know if you have any questions.  No question is stupid.

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