How does the new Canon T4i stack up against the 60D?

The 60D will not be replaced this fall (see Buyers Guide for more information)


60D Pro

  • Top LCD screen and slightly more accessible button layout for quickly adjusting settings
  • Slightly Faster FPS with a little larger buffer, longer burst shooting
  • Faster Max shutter speed at 1/80000 of a second
  • Pentaprism viewfinder = brighter
  • Longer battery life

Price- Body Only $899 | with 18-135 Lens $1199

T4i Pro

  • Continuous Auto focus during video (silent when paired with new STM lenses 40mm or 18-135)
  • On board Stereo Mic
  • Newer Digic Processor = higher ISO capabilities & in camera HDR
  • Touch screen
  • Smaller – more easily portable

Price- Body Only $849 | with 18-135 STM Lens $1199


The 60D has been out for almost two years, announced August 2010.   Both share the same basic sensor.  At low ISOs the image quality and noise levels should be virtually identical.  They both have articulated LCD screens of the same size and quality but the T4i has a touchscreen.   Looking through the viewfinder the 60D has pentaprism which means a brighter viewfinder, The 60D also uses the larger LP-E6 batteries which effectively doubles battery life, 60D gets nearly 1100 shots per battery, the T4i is around 500.  You also get higher FPS and shutter speed with the 60D, 6fps and 1/8000 second versus 5.3(not a huge difference). And the 60D is a bit bigger and possibly a bit more rugged but not enough of a difference to really matter. Also has a top LCD screen.

T4i has a newer processor – Digic 5 which allows for higher ISO photos, in camera HDR (combing multiple shots for better dynamic range), stereo microphone and a hybrid CMOS sensor providing continuous video auto focus. That last one is a big deal if your are a parent and you want easy but in focus video of your kids.

Summary – If you are getting paid to shoot you should consider the 60D- longer battery life, slightly more ergonomic design and button layout plus the top screen LCD allow you to shoot more efficiently.  If you are really serious about making money in still or video photography you might want to alternately consider a used 7D, selling for just over a $1000 right now these are serious cameras.  If you are a parent or amateur the smaller size of the T4i plus the auto focus during video and the on board stereo mic will allow you to easily capture video without having to learn manual focus or carry accessories for good audio.

If you want to save some money you could also consider the T3i or the Nikon D3200- more helpful posts below


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