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Entry to mid level DSLRs Compared

This table compares the Canon T4i with several similar competitors.  There are certainly a few more cameras that could be listed below, which ones would you like to see added to the list? Feel free to email me at tobias@digital.photorecommendations.com with suggestions or questions.  Or use twitter or Facebook below, I would love to help you figure out which camera is best for you.  This is a free and personal service.

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Round up of all T4i information 

Honestly the chart below is only so helpful – I have other more helpful post outlining the differences in plain speak.

Canon T4i vs Canon T3i vs Nikon D3200 vs Sony A37 vs Panasonic G3

T4i (650D) Canon T3i(600D) Sony Alpha SLT-A37 Nikon D3200 Panasonic G3
Quick Thoughts Serious entry level camera w/ room to grow Serious entry level camera w/ articulated LCD and even more room to grow New tech = seriously good AF during video and fast FPS, IS built into body Serious MP count in this DSLR w/ solid video options including AF while filming equal a stellar option, Second best APS-C sensor DXO has ever tested. Micro 4/3 dslr with some serious video features allowing for smooth AF while filming
MP 18 18 16 24 15.8
ISO range 100-12,800 expandable to 25,600 Auto – 6400 (12800) Auto – 25600 Auto – 6400 Expandable to 12800 Auto – 12800
Continuous Drive (fps) 5 3.7 5.5 4 4
Max Burst JPEG: 34 RAW: 6 JPEG:18 RAW: 6
LCD Screen Articulating 3″ 1,040,000 dots Touchscreen Articulating 3″ 1,040,000 dots Articulating 2.6″ 230,400 dots Fixed 3″ 921,00 dots Articulating 3″ 460,00 dots w/ touch sensitivity
Viewfinder Pentamirror 95% coverage Pentamirror 95% coverage Electronic 100% coverage (1,400,000 dots) Pentamirror 95% coverage Electronic 100% coverage
Full Time AF while Filming? YES NO YES YES YES
Movie Mode 1080p 30/25/24 fps720 60/50 fps640 60/50 fps 1080p 24fps720 30/25/24640 x 424 24 1080p 60/29fps 1440 x 780 30 fps 424 30fps 1080p 30,25,24fps  720p 60,50fps, 424p 30, 24 1080p 60/24 fps720 60/50 fps480 60/50 fps
Max Recording Limit 30 mins 30 mins 30 Mins 20 Minutes No limit/70mins
Microphone Stereo Mono Stereo Mono Yes
Ext Mic Jack Yes Yes No Yes Yes
IS In Lens In Lens In camera In Lens In Lens
Lens Mount Canon EF/EF-S mount Canon EF/EF-S mount Sony/Minolta Alpha Nikon F Mount Micro 4/3
Battery Life 470 shots 440 shots 450-500 shots 540 shots 340 shots
Weight 530g 570g 506g 505g 394g
COST (body only) $849 $610 ~ $499 ~
Cost (Kit lens) $949 (1199 w/ STM lens) $750 $599 $699 $549


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