Busted DSLR
How did this happen?

My first digital camera back in 1998 was a kodak P&S and I bought a small Pelican Pelicase that I kept it in except for the brief moments I would pull it out, snap a few photos and lock it back up again. As time went on and I owned more and more digital cameras and didn’t break a single one, despite a drop here or there- I realized that it was much more likely that I was going to outgrow these cameras long before I busted them to pieces and I would much rather have the camera easily accessible and ready for a photo opportunity that safely protected in a cocoon of squish. So – as many of your are contemplating a new DSLR or P&S, remember – they are a good bit tougher than you think and you don’t need to agonize over protecting them from every little bump and jolt.

That all said you do want to protect your lenses and I strongly prefer lens hoods to filters anytime.


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