I have had the T4i with 40mm f/2.8 (shorty forty) in my hands for a little over 24 hours now and I thought I would use this post to keep a running list of all the little tips and tricks that I thought useful.

If you want the continuous auto focus (cAF) to work well you need to pickup the 40mm STM or the 18-135 STM lens – with the standard lenses it just takes to long to find the focus and the movements of the lens as it keeps your subject in focus are not smooth.  With the 40mm it is much better at keeping the subject in focus and the lens movements to do this are small and dare I say it, delicate.

SD Card speed matters if you want to shoot fast – with a class six card you can get just a few RAW shots (3) before it slows down and eeks out a pittiful shot every few seconds after, JPEGS slow down after a handful.  With a class 10 card like the SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s 16GB you can get unlimited JPEGs  just hold that button down and you get your 5 fps for as long as you want, pretty impressive for a little camera. My Full Card Test Chart

If you are working with still subject the touch to focus/shutter feature is quite nice – you touch where you want to focus and when it grabs correct focus it will snap a shot.  Don’t try this with moving objects, like kids or pets, the focus is still on the slow side and it will spend loads of time hunting and might never take the shot.

For those worried about their nose accidentally setting off the touch screen – don’t, to start touch screen operation you almost always have to hit a small button on the screen to make the whole screen touch sensitive.  When you half-press the shutter the screen stays on but turns off the touch sensitivity.

Using a combination of the physical buttons to call up certain options and then the touch screen to select the option makes for fast and effecient use of the two, faster than using either option alone.

Shooting lots of night photography/videography?  Set the screen color to 5 – Red color won’t ruin your night vision.  You can find this option under the 3rd wrench > Screen color.

Turn off Feature guide, also under third wrench, if you know what you are doing with DSLRs – its just a bunch of text that gets in the way.


Using Eye-Fi cards with the Canon T4i– The touch screen makes this even easier than it already is.





I will add more soon – More T4i information




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