Update – Another day (8-21-12) another Amazon sale.  This time it is the SanDisk Ultra, slightly slower than the Extreme but a little faster than the Transcend below.

32GB class 10 for 19.99 – Certainly a good deal.  Also offering excellent deals on SSDs, those make your computer go VROOM 🙂

Amazon is having a one day sale on Transcend Memory – You can pickup a 32GB class 10 (fast kind) SDCard for 17.99 this is a very good deal and in my tests this card faired decently with JPEGs but only so-so with RAW files.  If you are going to be shooting lots of video it is plenty fast enough and you won’t see any differences between that Transcend and the Sandisk.   They also have a 64GB SDXC card – compatible with Canon T4i for $49.99, That, I think will last you for quite some time.


32GB SD Card

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      • Hi Toby,

        If you have time, could you test the real read and write speeds of the cards you mention with a tool like Crystal Disk Mark:
        (In my opinion, a minimum of to passes with a size 10 times the expected speed of the card is the minimum for accurate results.

        It will be much easier to compare with true values. For my 32GB Transcend Class 10 car from Amazon I get around 12MBytes/s write speed and around 20MBytes read speed. I tested with two passes of 200MBytes.

        I find it very misleading when Sandisk puts enormous claimed speeds on their card stickers but it corresponds to read speeds, while for shooting RAW you want good write speeds.


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