Everything you wanted to know about the best tripod under $50, Actually you could say best tripod under $70 –

Currently selling for $42 dollars this Dolica Proline model weighs 2.5 lbs, extends to 60 inches and when fully collapsed is just 22.5 inches.  It comes with a ballhead and quick release plate.

Legs have little flip locks and can be angled out  by pulling at the little locker ma bob thing, they are also foam covered which is nice for carrying over your shoulder, grabbing in winter and just generally giving you a bit of comfort in use.  At the bottom of the legs are little rubber feet that with a bit of rotation can transform into spikes, very nice to use on some surfaces.

There is a hook at the bottom of the center column, you can hang a camera bag there to give the tripod added stability.

There is also a bubble level and compass built into the legs and a second bubble level on the head, the one on the head can actually be useful the one on the legs mildly so and the compass. . . well lets just hope it’s not your only means of navigation when you are lost in the woods.

A nice feature is the head is removable giving you the ability to add  a different head, including something more video orientated but the good ones are going to cost more than the tripod

Downsides  – the head is kinda puny and not very well suited for video work.  The smallest legs are also pretty puny and fully extended it does have some wobble, the quick release plate is proprietary and costs $10, so you want to make sure you don’t lose it.  But even with a couple of cons the bottom line is you need to get much closer to the $150 mark before you start seeing all these features in a better made tripod.

Dolica on Amazon

Photos of the Dolica in Action

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  1. Simple, straight forward and useful information, too bad I hadn’t found your page before I bought my first tripod…great review

    • Hi Justin, You know I don’t have a budget one that I am comfortable recommending. And it really depends on if you want a fluid head or just a panning head. on a budget I’d be most likely to pick up this VariZoom.

  2. Hey, I recently bought a T4i and I am looking to buy a tripod , mainly for panorama shots and little video..I really liked this Dolica one but I don’t see a pan option here, am I correct? if so, which other tripod under $50 would you recommend to me?


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