Nikon D600

The Nikon D600 manual is now available for download.

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Compare the Nikon D600 vs Canon 6D

The D600 has been announced – The new DSLR from Nikon is the smallest and lightest full frame DSLR released to date and depending on who you talk to, also affordable. Yes, you can pickup Canon’s 5D Mark II for about the same price or a bit cheaper but is now four years old, The D600 offers body only price of just over $2000 is quite amazing*. Why? What is so special about this camera? It is a Full Frame or FX in Nikon speak and Full Frame means the sensor is roughly the same size as a 35mm film and this is a good bit larger than the APS-C sized sensors found in Nikon DX line that incudes the D7000, D5100 etc and Canon’s Rebel line that includes T4i(650D), 60D and 7D. There are rumors that Canon will announce something in the not so distant future but still just rumors at this point. In general a full frame sensor means better low light performance, greater dynamic range and just generally better photos. While I am at it folks need to stop thinking about the number of megapixels and start asking abut the size of the sensor! We are at a point in camera development where we have a variety of sensor sizes to choose from and that is almost always going to have a greater effect on your photos versus the number of Mega Pixels.

Who is the D600 for? -Two groups of people I see this camera being perfect for: Wedding photographers that have been working with D7000 or even older D300s and on a budget – often shooting in lower light at the church and reception venues and having a camera perform much better in low light is extremely helpful, also would work well as second body/backup body for D800 users. 2nd Group  –  Filmakers – The D600 offers uncompressed HDMI out, Canon doesn’t do this and that uncompressed HDMI out can be fed into a variety of devices making for very clean capture of video footage. And finally, anyone else that already shoots Nikon and has a collection of FX lenses, looking to step up from the D7000 or even the older D300s.  Note that if you have DX lenses, those are Nikon lenses for the APS-C cameras, they will still work in a special crop mode that gives you 10MP, yes you are losing 1/2 of your MP but as I mentioned above, these are going to be lovely 10MP and plenty of detail to make LARGE prints – say 24 x 36 inch files!  This is great for the photographers transition and still owning some DX lenses.

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Coming Soon – Comparison versus D7000, D800 and Canons 5D mark II
D600 vs D800, D600 vs D7000, D600 vs 5D Mark II

D600 D7000
24.3MP Full-frame CMOS sensor 16.2MP DX-format CMOS
Maximum 5.5fps continuous shooting 6fps
3.2in 921k-dot LCD screen 3.0in 921k-dot LCD screen
Headphone Jack
Uncompressed video recording via HDMI



*Just about 10 years ago the first full frame camera was released, Canon’s 1Ds for $7999.

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