This post will be updated as we near Black Friday(Nov 23rd, 2012) and Cyber Monday(Nov 26th, 2012) with the best camera, lens and photography deals.

In my experience there are usually are good deals on P&S cameras, DSLR accessories but not anything stunningly good on DSLRS or lenses – at least not this year’s models like the D3200 and T4i.  I think we will see the T4i with 18-135 at or near $999 mark, it was very close just last week.  I think the body and or 18-55 combo will drop another $25 or $50 but no more.

Black Friday Deals:

Amazon is running sales all week long – The price of the Canon T4i has dropped to $899 , This price is good till Dec 1st.  I don’t believe it will fall further during the holidays.  The Bundle with DSLR backpack, Free 16GB Card and $50 Training card is back.

The best deal on Nikon gear for this Black Friday is the D7000 with 18-105mm lens for $996.96 ($500 off with free shipping and 2% in rewards) – basically you are getting the lens for free (body only costs $996.95 as well). You also get free shipping (one day free shipping option available), free Transcend 16 GB Class 10 memory card, free AmazonBasics backpack for SLRs, free $200 Training Content Credit, 2% back in rewards and even $2 MP3 credit.

ALL Amazon Cyber Monday – Camera & Photo Deals

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Online Camera and Photography Related Deals for Black Friday:

Lightroom 4 is now $99! I love Lightroom – it is hands down the best photo cataloging and editing tool.   Look at what I was able to do using Lightroom and shooting RAW




  • Canon T3 (not the T3i) for $499, you can already buy the Canon T3 for $449 at Amazon
  • Nikon D3000 10MP with 18-55, 55-200, 8GB SD Card and Bag for $449 – At Amazon that all adds up to more that $600. Too bad the camera is 5 years old and you would be better served by buying a newer camera used or looking at the 4/3 models like Panasonic G3



TV deals on Amazon

32-inch Panasonic 720p LCD TV, $189, Amazon
40-inch Toshiba 1080p LCD, $180, Amazon
55-inch Samsung 1080p LCD TV, $800, 



Or you can get up early brave the crowds and hope the store still have stock – just be sure to pack this😉


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 Untended yards are still beautiful yards in Trogir, Croatia
 Box Canyon Tunnel on the descent from Paradise, Mt Ranier National Park Captured with the #GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8
 My niece giving me that look. From early morning family adventures in Saguaro National Park, Arizona

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  1. Toby,

    Based on your reply about lenses not going often going down in price from another post, can you let us know what are typical Black Friday DSLR camera and/or lens deals? Being new to DSLRs, I have never followed the seasonal deals and do not know how good they can get.

    Having already purchased a body, I am only interested in lenses, but I suspect that most deals involving lenses are ‘package’ deals requiring the purchase of body.

    (oops! I posted this in another article but meant to do so here. You can remove from the other article if you like.)


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