Mini Review of the Black Rapid RS-7 Sport Strap.


  • Having your camera at the hip, no banging against your stomach
  • The attachment is on the bottom(tripod socket), traditional straps always seemed to be in my way when they are attached at the left and right strap hooks.
  • The strap is super comfy
  • The quick release system allows you to quickly go from no strap to strap in seconds. Even unscrewing the camera connector is quick.


  • Pricey – but a good strap that is going to last you years and years
  • If you are not careful the quick release lock could come undone.
  • On occasion, when I lift the camera to shoot, the strap slides off the shoulder. Β I know others are having this issue because Black Rapid addresses it on their FAQ page. Β  I plan to add some small rubber grip-e-ness to the bottom of the strap to see if that helps. Β I am also considering going with their double strap system and attaching a lens bag on the other side.
Quick Gif of me using a Black Rapid Strap
Quick Gif of me using a Black Rapid Strap

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  1. That looks like an interesting gadget…its so awkward having your camera flopping around in front of you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my first time trying one of your give aways. I hope I am doing this right. I absolutely love your tutorials on the Canon T4I. I just got me camera last week and with your help I am learing how to use it.
    Thank you for taking the time to make your tutorials.

    • Don’t know what I would have done without those tutorials on the t4i. I felt like I had my own tutor in my living room teaching me.

      • I do too Alex. They have helped me so much already. I have been out of photography for 20 years now and I am just getting back into it and wow have things changed. I used to develop my own B&W photos. I’m loving the digital stuff.

  3. I would LOVE to try this out. It looks like such an easier way for me to carry my camera and be ready for that perfect shot so much faster. Maybe I could actually GET a perfect shot using this πŸ™‚

  4. Nice gif! I’m getting my first DSLR in a few weeks, and I don’t like the idea of a bright glaring logo on the strap. I might have to make the investment!

  5. Does the strap attach to the tripod mount screw?
    I palm my camera with the flat palm of my left hand in a way where I can completely support it, if needed. (My first instructor taught me that back in 1976.) Will this strap get in the way?
    How long have you used it?

    • I have been using a Black Rapid for nearly two years. You should still be able to palm your camera without issue, there will be a lump of attachment piece there but not enough that it will be in the way.

  6. I’ve got one of the BlackRapid straps too. The only thing I worry about is the metal parts giving way to the weight of the camera. So I keep my hand loosely on the camera while walking around just in case. Other than that, it’s quite comfy.

  7. I have the stock strap that came with the camera and could really use something better. Thanks for posting the review. If I don’t win it, I’ll definitely consider getting one in the near future.

    • My strap has that and I don’t quite understand how it is supposed to help. It just doesn’t keep the strap snug enough. The should slipping doesn’t happen often enough that I am unhappy, just often enough that I on the lookout for solutions πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve never heard of this before. Still a newbie, so glad to have pages like yours to learn so much from. This giveaway looks awesome!

  9. I have recently bought my first DSLR, the Canon T4i, thanks to your reviews! Everything I know about it is in thanks to you! I’m really grateful that you’re willing to share your knowledge!

  10. Hi Toby,
    I am in my first year as a graphic design major and a requirement for some of the courses was to have a DSLR camera. I began my obsessive research on which one to buy. I have to say that your reviews and comparisons were by far my favorite. You gave me the details without letting your opinion affect your review. I ended up purchasing a Nikon d5200 and I will be receiving it tomorrow. All I need now is a black rapid strap and I will be good to go!

  11. I’ve heard great things about this strap. Mostly…I’ve heard that you can trust it to ‘take care’ of your thousand dollar camera (or multi-thousand dollar camera).

  12. I love your site, videos, and Facebook page! I am just starting out & have learned so much from you. I would love the chance to use the strap in this giveaway!!!!

  13. It seems comfortable and easier to start tacking pictures* than* or from a β€œmini bag.”
    Also, It looks nice and practical.

  14. I have seen a few people with this style of strap on photowalks. Also looks like it would be good for studio shoots instead putting the camera on a stool, table, or tripod whenever you want to work with or position your model(s).

  15. Looks convenient, but the only thing I would be concerned about is that it seems easier for pickpockets to make off with the camera.

  16. Wow this looks much smarter than the normal straps. I’d love to get my hands on one.

    And thanks a lot for all of your brilliant and simply explained content!

    Thanks, Michael from Denmark

  17. Hey, looks like a great strap! I showed my old man this and he’s going to get one to free up room in his camera bag when hes out walking.

    I am looking at photo’s to try and find the quick release lock that you mentioned to see if a cable tie through the loop on each side would prevent your camera crashing to the ground even if it did come undone!


    • Christina hand held the camera and took the shots. I brought them into photoshop as layers and asked photoshop to align (works like magic) I then switched layers to frames and exported as a gif after I added some of the text. There was a bit of cursing involved because I always forget a step or two and if I did it again I would have cut me out of the background so that the only part of the gif that changed was me and the immediate surroundings, on a few frames you can see the light change on the walls. This was photographed in MOMA so I feel very Avant-garde πŸ˜‰

  18. Looks like a great strap! I can’t stand traditional ones where the camera is handing around your neck resting on your stomach (& straps down your chest). Looks like a huge improvement to those!

  19. This would be so perfect for when I travel to Italy! With that kind of convenience, I would seriously have my camera on me 24/7. Even in the shower.

    …maybe not.

  20. The one con I can see about this strap is that you have to screw it into the tripod screw mount. I leave the quick release attached to my camera so I am not having to screw and unscrew it each time I want to use my tripod.

  21. This strap looks like it would work great for me with three small kids and a new one on the way. The potential for a heavy camera to bonk them in the head would be greatly reduced.

  22. I am very interested in pairing this strap together with an Arctech connector which allows you to keep the tripod plate in place.

  23. I would LOVE to win this strap! I’ve recently gotten my first DSLR, a Canon T4i, and I’m saving and scrimping to by lenses and filters and remote shutter release, extra batteries, and more SD cards and all the other fun stuff to use with it! A $60 strap just isn’t in my budget, but would Oh So Handy! Love love your tutorials, and your side by side review of the Canon and Nikon is one of the reasons I chose the Canon. Keep em coming! I have so much more to learn! Thank you

  24. Looks a lot more comfortable that the regular camera strap and doesn’t make you look like a tourist when you have it. Would be perfect for my trip to China next month.

  25. I’ve only heard good things about the Black Rapid. Keep up with the videos! I’ve learned a lot, I’m hoping to get a T4i soon so all of your tips techniques will come in handy!

  26. Looks nice. I still only have the strap that came with my camera. Being that I’m a bigger guy this would be awesome to have.

  27. Toby, guess I needed to leave a note here as well to be in the running? Like I said before in my posts to you, great job explaining the little things. Having trouble deciding on which setup to buy so I might send you a note if your not to busy to get your opinion. Good luck to all who entered and just maybe I will be congratulating myself in a few hours.


  28. Best of luck to everyone!

    A comfortable new strap like the one you are giving away is on the list of needed accessories for my new digital camera. I am a beginner and have a lot of equipment to buy. Currently, I am looking around for a used tripod as I am interested in low light action and night time photography.

  29. This would be perfect for my trip to Arizona, but my trip happens before the give away happens. Looks like a nice alternative to the traditional camera strap or waist bag. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  30. I tried using a wrist strap, but i wouldn’t be able to hold anything else. The neckstrap is uncomfortable because it tugs down on my neck and bounces off my stomach. This seems best of both worlds, it’s fast and my hands are free for other things!

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