Picking the right focal length when photographing a landscape or a person is extremely important. Watch the video above for some examples and suggestions or just remember – if you are photographing a person you usually want to be about 80-85mm(crop sensor camera users, that is closer to 50mm on your cameras)- that will create the most flattering look of a persons features.

Outside Focal Length and your Background
Outside Focal Length and your Background – Animated Gif
People or Portrait photos and the Focal Length you choose matters!
People or Portrait photos and the Focal Length you choose matters!

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  1. If you look only at the heads the differences are quite negligible.
    But if you look at the hole pictures then appears some striking differences due to the focal length.
    The relative proportions are changing, nothing unexpected, but very, very instructive, because you have a human subject in context.
    To me for outdoor pictures 35mm seems to be appropriate, for indoor 50mm seems to be appropriate.

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