A handful of big photo announcements came out of Adobe’s presentation on Wednesday. – See all my Adobe related announcement updates yesterday

  1. Lightroom mobile is now available on iPhones (as well as iPads) and allows editing, star rating and flagging of your Lightroom Catalog. Any changes you make to images on any device- phone, tablet, desktop- are synced to all other devices.  I have previously demoed the Lightroom mobile editing. No word or mention of any Android development for these apps.

    Screenshot 2014-06-18 14.11.44
    Editing images on an iPad via Lightroom
  2. The $9.99/mo deal is here to stay – You get Photoshop and Lightroom CC – which means as updates happen you get them, along with 2GB of online storage (this is down from the 20GB offered in the more expensive packages) If you are currently paying for the more expensive plan you can downgrade at no penalty.

    Screenshot 2014-06-19 08.21.46
    These two programs do an excellent job of providing all the tools needed for organization and editing.
  3. The focus masking features which we talked about in last week’s podcast looks nifty and useful.

    Screenshot 2014-06-18 13.44.11
    Focus selection was used to quickly select the lead singer and move the text behind him.
  4. Adobe has released a new app for the iPad – Photoshop Mix. Call it an image manipulation tool, not quite an editor though it does offer some neat compositing and layer like abilities.  It is free and is capable of syncing with Lightroom collections as well as your camera roll.  Get Photoshop Mix from iTunes
Photo Jun 19, 8 38 03 AM
I picked this statue image, selected cut out and with a few swipes isolated it from the background.
Photo Jun 19, 8 39 54 AM
You can then place your image on another. Masking and content aware fill are also possible.

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 Box Canyon Tunnel on the descent from Paradise, Mt Ranier National Park Captured with the #GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8
 My niece giving me that look. From early morning family adventures in Saguaro National Park, Arizona
 Friday we head to Glacier National Park for a week of photography - I am excited to teach in this beautiful park. The park is packed with towering peaks, glacial carved valleys, and loads of gorgeous streams and waterfalls. I will be using this travel to test some gear. What in the box are you most interested in? What piece of gear would you love to see reviewed at Photorec.tv?

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  1. Hello Toby, you wrote “The $9.99/mo deal is here to stay” my understanding that the $9.95 a month is for only 12 months and Adobe may change that cost?

    Have you seen or read the EULA that says $9.95 a month no time limit?


  2. Went to sign up and saw this! “The price is valid for a full 12 months. After that, we’ll renew your contract automatically unless you cancel. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.”

    So it’s not deal is here to stay! Sorry to say Adobe will not change, but I like the $9.99 a mo, but concerned after 12 months they change to $19.99 mo and that my images have the CC changes won’t work in my CS5/CS6 program.


    • Hi Chris, It is here to stay, those were the words by David Wadhwani (GM of Adobe) at the conference yesterday. Sure at some point there will be an increase but I feel confident AND comfortable saying that it won’t happen in 12 months or even 24.

  3. Hi Toby, I understand what you are saying, but many of us photographers don’t trust Adobe, like 500,000 or so. I know they can’t change the price for 12 month contract once you have it but 12 months is not a very long time.

    Again my issue is if they said it’s $9.99 a mo and it’s here to stay in the ELUA I am on board but the GM of Adobe saying it’s hear to stay really means nothing, but I probably will start my $9.99 subscription.

    Thank you! Keep up the good work!!


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