We chat about the new NEW Canon lens rumors, a full frame STM lens? B&H’s new Canon Experience, Giving the SL1 the respect it deserves, Dog’s eye view, Hyperlapse exclusivity bums me out and an awesome pile of reader questions – macro, dramatic portrait lighting, tilt shift explained and more.

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 I noticed these two hanging out on the floor and asked my daughter to stay still while my niece continued to be a #wiggleworm. Set a slower shutter speed on my #lgg5 and here is the result - Edits in #snapseed
 Today was a #goodday! An hour north of Seattle you can find these Short-eared Owls hanging out. Great testing ground for my Sigma 150-600 vs Tamron 150-600 G2 comparison I am working on. Go watch my insta story to see him blink :) * Captured with the Canon 80D and #tamron #150600g2
 It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday... I hope you all get your peacock on this weekend... whatever that might mean. 1 hour until my photorec.tv Members show- news, your images critiques and always Q&A - more info at photorec.tv/join * Captured with #Panasonic #FZ2500 at 171.5mm

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  1. Does Canon make a full frame camera that fully supports STM lenses? I understand they would have to have the hybrid CMOS sensor to take full advantage of STM lenses. As far as I know, there’s only three bodies that support STM: Rebel T4i (mine), T5i, and 70D; all are crop sensor bodies. It’s rumored that the 7D Mark II will support STM lenses, but it’s crop sensor. And I think there’s only three STM lenses, two of which are EF-S mounts. If any of my assumptions are wrong, please correct me.

    So, does anybody know if there’s a future for STM lenses that includes a full frame camera? Will there be a 6D Mark II or 5D Mark IV that supports STM lenses?

    • This announcement or rumoured announcement has me slightly baffled too. You are correct, there are only crop sensors that support Dual Pixel/STM technology at this time EXCEPT the C100 – Canon’s entry level cinema camera. When it was released it did not offer dual pixel but you could send it in for upgrade and they now sell it with the 18-135 STM lens. So maybe for that camera but. . it is still weird. I do think we will see a full frame DSLR with dual pixel next year but not this year.

      • The reason I ask is that I’m considering upgrading to a full-framed camera (probably the 6D for budget reasons). But, I really like the AF on my only STM lens, the kit lens that came with my Rebel T4i, the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. It never hunts; just goes right to the chosen AF point fast. My other two lenses, one long Canon IS and one Tamron macro, always hunt for AF, the latter more so (but I now understand why). I thought that it was a flaw in those other two lenses, but now realize (because I rely on my kit lens so often) that I’m so used to my kit lens that any other behaviour must be a mistake; wrong. I Now realize that I’ve been pampered by STM.
        So, if I were to go full-framed today, would I get similar AF behaviour with USM lenses (minus the audio silence, which I’m not too concerned since I can simply use external microphones to avoid AF noise)? I cannot go into the reasons for going FF without writing a short novella. 😛

  2. Hi. This is the “Rich” mentioned in the podcast who emailed Toby about giving the SL1 more respect. Very nice summary, Toby, of what I said, and I agree with everything you said in response. Now we just wait to see what the SL2 will bring – probably just different colors! (I put this comment on the YouTube channel too, but I might have placed it in a poor place (still getting used to this web social interaction stuff).

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