I am working on a new video discussing the pros and cons of buying a camera with a kit lens.   Take a moment and answer the super simple poll. Feel free to leave additional thoughts in the comments about what has or has not worked for you lens-wise.

Did you buy your camera with the kit lens?


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 #bison #snowface ~  Captured with the #Sony #a7rII and Canon 100-400 and heavily cropped because I follow the #YellowstonePledge :)
 In Yellowstone National Park the roads are paved with snow and go straight for miles. Yesterday was sweet, today was the sweetest! Captured here on our way to Hayden Valley - a #dreamyplace like no other. #YellowstonePledge ~  Captured with the #Sony #A7RII and Canon 24-105 lens
 Yesterday ended as epically as it began (see my earlier post?) As we made our way out of the park the setting sun lit up this line of trees and steam from geothermal activity - a single line of animal tracks lead the way to this scene. #iloveyellowstonenp #YellowstonePledge ~  Captured with the #Sony #A7RII and Canon 70-200 ️‍️ EXIF: Exactly the same as the morning shot posted earlier.

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  1. Actually, purchased the first camera with the kit lens and the second without but I did get a lens at the same time. When it comes to a kit lens the question I am simply asking myself is “will it be worth having?”

  2. When I bought the 700D/T5i I got it with the kit zoom. The 18-55 STM (which was pretty darn decent at the time. I learned a tonne with it).

    Kit lenses gets bashed all the time for so many weird reasons. It’s kinda obvious that u can’t get a 70-200 2.8 (rebel series plus lens) for under a grand.

  3. My first camera was purchased with a kit lens, my children and wife quickly ‘adopted’ both of those. Subsequently I purchased a camera for myself and another for my wife. Both of those were bodies only.

  4. I bought my camera used and bought a lens separately. I don’t believe I’ve ever bought a brand new camera – last year’s models are usually available at a huge savings so all it takes is a little patience to find the right deal. This stuff is not cheap – so why not?

  5. I got the kit lens as a starting point to know what focal length I would use the most, after coming from a camera, the SX20is, that gave me plenty of reach, but never actually analyzed the data.
    Soon however, just 6 months after my initial purchase, I got the Tokina 11-16, and now I’m longing for the 35mm from sigma, a 70-200 f/2.8, possibly Tamron, which I know would be a lens I’d use the most for my type of shooting, and the 50mm f/1.8, for the fun, and the ability to have a silent focus system.

    • The new 50mm STM from Canon is not silent by any means. The 18-55mm STM is silent.
      But it’s way quieter than it’s predecessor, I own both and I have tested them both.

      My reasons for it would be:
      Metal mount (equals longer use)
      STM (the sound, the creeky squeeky special is gone now, which played a huge role for me when it was announced)
      Almost unbeatable price (what primes are selling for 125-150$ right now besides Yongnuo?)

      Watch (I bet U already have) Tobys awesome review on YT (you can find it here as well)

  6. I bought my 70D with the 18-135 Kit lense, and then added the 55-250 STM lens to the package as well for another “about $150” (I don’t remember exactly how much extra that added).

    I use the 18-135 probably 95% of the time.

  7. I bought T5i came with 18-55stm and 70-300, I sold 70-300 and bought 18-135stm. I haven’t used 18-55. Can’t decide on getting long lens or a prime?

  8. I bought the 70D without the kit lens. I looked at the camera with the kit lens and thought if I were to want to upgrade this later what would I upgrade it to, I picked the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC HSM OS, so I just went ahead and bought this with the camera body.

  9. I am totally satisfied with my kit lens. The kit lenses are vastly better than they were years ago. They are a good value for the money. My kit lens was as 18-55 Canon STM, it takes good quality pictures. Sure it isnt a weather sealed comstant aperture f2.8 L or Art series lens but for only a little more than the cost of the body alone it does a great job for the money invested. It focuses silently, quickly and accurately. I also have 2 other Canon Zoom (Telephoto and Ultra Wide) and 3 Canon Primes, all of them are STM lenses and they all work well for my needs. I feel all were a good value for the money and they allow me photograph what I want on limited budget. Maybe some day I will invest in more expensive glass when I upgrade to a full frame but for now it does what I want and I am satisfied with my choice.

  10. I got the 18-55 with my 600D because there was a promotion and it was cheaper than body only. Got the 10-18, sigma 30 f1.4 and 85 1.8 not long after and have never looked back at the 18-55. Keen to upgrade to a 6D soon though as I do a lot of low light events and portrait work.

    • I can whole heartedly recommend that camera (I own it) for portraits, low light, landscape (anything besides fast moving subjects).

      The amount of detail I get outta that camera is astonishing, I used to shoot with the 700D/T5i which was a great camera to begin with.

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