Announcing the winner, runner-ups and honorable mentions for the challenge entropy.  What a change from the order and peacefulness of last week’s minimalism! Picking a winner this week was again difficult and @christinabernales and I did not agree 100%. For future contests we will each pick a winner and some additional faves.  

Winner for week 4 – Instagram Entropy Challenge

What's that tulip doing there? #tulip #tulp #garden #tuin #prtv_entropy #prtv

A photo posted by Anne (@annebourgonje) on

Runner Ups


A photo posted by Luis Belo (@zeluisbelo) on

#Pelicans and other #seabirds in #SantaCruz #California #PRTV #PRTV_entropy

A photo posted by Bob Correa (@bobbyco) on


Honorable Mentions

(mostly because of the hashtag #quantummechanics)

Being a student isn't always easy… #stressed #selfie #exams #quantummechanics #prtv_entropy

A photo posted by Zoe Strimbeck Bazilchuk (@zoesaurb) on

Patterned chaos. #prtv #prtv_entropy #rise_and_fall #disorder #order_to_disorder #chaos #can_you_guess_what_it_is

A photo posted by Roger Hunt (@rmhphotographic) on


Thank you to all who participated  – See the complete list of submitted images here

The Next Challenge – monochromatic- Tag your entries #PRTV_MC and #PRTV by Wednesday, June 10th at noon.  At this time you are welcome to submit a few images but please refrain from submitting more than a few.


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