Toby and Christina are out this week on another McKay Photography adventure to New Zealand and will be back for the Feb.16th live show. While they are gone these are your highlights of the week in article format. Follow Toby (@photorectoby) and Christina (@christinabernales) on Instagram for updates on the journey. For more photos of the trip check out #mckaylivenewzealand2016.

In Case You Missed It!

Z1 C Smooth – Magic Steadicam

A gimbal for smartphones that smooths out video, check out Toby’s review for the $250 magic trick.


As a note if anyone would like to contribute a story feel free to send an email to photorecnews@rm3.me.

You Can Now Livestream Your GoPro Stunts Directly to Periscope

More reasons for Toby to get a drone, periscope can now live stream the feed from a GoPro for free. With their current hurdles it’s a bit of good news for GoPro that came out this week.

Ball Drop Test Shows the Strength of Sigma’s Ceramic Lens Filters

As we’ve talked about Sigma’s new ceramic filters before. Sigma has released a demo of a ball drop test showing how their new filter can take the hit while a standard one will break under the stress.

Olympus Unveils the PEN-F, A Retro Camera Reborn for the Digital Erapen-f-slv_right

A new release, the PEN-F is a compact mirrorless setup with a retro design.

Fujifilm Planning to Launch a Medium Format Digital Camera, Report Says

After Fuji’s big week another rumor is out that they are developing a medium format camera.

Fujifilm Says It Will Raise Film Prices 10%, Making It the 5th Price Increase in 3 Years

Less people are buying their film, which leads to the price per unit going up unfortunately.

Watch out Ice Light: Yongnuo Announces the YN360, a Full Color Led Light Wandyn360-1

Interested in a ice light but not the $500 price tag? Yongnuo may have just released the light wand for you.

Lightroom CC 2015.4 / 6.4 now available

With a new boundary warp feature!

Tamrac launches Hoodoo series with two camera bags

New bags from Tamrac and their new Hoodoo series line. Made somewhat small and has a waterproofed exterior for a decent lightweight daypack.

Patent: Tamron 85mm F/1.4 VC USD

While a patent isn’t necessarily an announcement, Tamron just patented a 85mm F/1.4 lens with image stabilization which could be an interesting option for portrait photography.

EOS-1D X Mark II Announcement Next Week

Canon to Surprise With New Mirrorless Camera

As always with Canon Rumors it’s good to take their announcements with a grain of salt but we might see an announcement for the 1D X MII… finally. With that they are announcing a new mirrorless camera as well but no details are out on it yet.

This Photo of a Potato Sold for Over $1,000,000

Kevin Abosch, normally known for shooting Silicon Valley portraits at $150,000 a piece sold a potato, or rather a photo of one, for a million dollars. A collector of his work saw the fine art photo while visiting his home and had to have it offering a million dollars for the print.

(Photo used with permission)


Last weekend the east coast was hit with a massive snow storm which Scott Kelly posted the view from the ISS.


With Toby and Christina being on the McKay Photography trip this week’s assignment was #PRTV_tabletop which left things a bit open ended for you to get creative. As Toby and Christina are gone to keep the challenge going this weeks winner and honorable mention have been picked by the patreon group, join today at http://photorec.tv/support/.

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Honorable Mentions –

she realllllyyyyy wanted in on this pic

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Hot, hot coffee on a lovely snowy morning… #bliss. #coffee #snow #winter #prtv_tabletop #prtv

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Next week’s challenge is juxtaposition, join the challenge by tagging your photos on Instagram with hashtags #PRTV and #PRTV_juxtaposition. This is taking two (or more) elements that are similar or contracts the differences between each other.  


This weeks tutorial from PhotoNERDs, learn how to quickly control the amount of adjustments by applying your image to your Layer Mask inside of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

McKay Photography Academy

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Regularly scheduled programming will return on the 16th. In the meantime here’s an excuse to eat a bit more ice cream, we all need backup lens covers right?

Rounding the internet this week from Japan, Häagen-Dazs ice cream lids make a perfect lens cap for 72mm lenses.


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 Menzie's Penstemon or as the nerds say - Penstemon davidsonii ;) Found these little purple flowers on the way down from Paradise in Mt Rainier National Park and thought they made a nice foreground to the beautiful and still snowcapped peak in the distance. Captured with the GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 Lens #lumixloungegh3
 Rainy Day Reflections of Seattle's coolest public library - I almost said coolest building but the new Amazon spheres are crazy cool. I like living in the future - now if we could just ecotopia this place up all would be peachy!
 Upper Sunbeam Falls - Powered by melting snow(seen at the top of the frame) - Captured with GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens 0.4 second exposure.

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