Last week’s challenge, #PRTV_STREETART, was colorful, gritty and fun! Picking a winner was difficult, it always is!They are listed below along with some awesome honorable mentions.  You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s challenge #PRTV_forcedperspective.

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Toby’s Winner

#spokane #graffiti #life #underthebridge #prtv_streetart

A photo posted by @maxxumg on

Toby’s Honorable Mentions

#prtv_streetart #nyc #newyork #Manhattan

A photo posted by Billy Innes (@b1nnes) on

#prtv_streetart #portrait #art #painting

A photo posted by Luke Ciancio (@lukeciancio23) on

Christina’s Winner

#prtv_streetart #nyc #newyork #Manhattan

A photo posted by Billy Innes (@b1nnes) on

Christina’s Honorable Mentions

Cafe noir art

A photo posted by Mike (@fotogmike) on

The chandelier points the way…

A photo posted by Caroline (@numinouswilds) on


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 Wrapping up the Sony event. Not allowed to share images from the a9 for a few more days so take a look at this wavy #NYC building I shot with my phone #fb
 What do you want to know? #a9 $4500, available end of May 24MP, 20fps, 60fps for AF calculations. No blackout, I spied a small joystick nub on back and 200RAW Images buffer. #fb
 The view from my hotel room. Hello #NYC

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