What lens should I buy next? That’s the second most common question we see here at Photorec.tv. Can you guess the first most common question?

Lightroom users I have two tools that can help you make sense of all your metadata and provide some insight as to how you shoot which you can use to make smart, data driven purchases that fit your way of shooting.

Method #1 – Lightroom Dashboard

Access at – https://www.lightroomdashboard.com/

Easy drag and drop a backup of your LR catalog and the browser based tool returns a simple graphical display with plenty of information – what was your favorite ISO of 2016? I bet ISO 100.

Method #2 – Jeffrey’s “Data Plot” Lightroom Plugin

Access at http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/data-plot

Download and install Jeffrey’s plugin (I show you how to install plugins in my Lightroom for Beginners)

Once installed you can find the options under File > Plugin Extras jf Data Plot  From there you have the option to view graphs and even create collections based on your data – want a collection of all your shots captured with prime lenses? It’s possible.

Method #3 – Lightroom’s Metadata Tools

No plugins, no drag and drop – just use the tools already built into Lightroom to make some sense of your data.

In the Library Module(1) Grid View > Click Metadata(2)

You can now add columns and change the data in the column simply by clicking on the header (3)


Which method do you like best? Any surprises in your findings?  What gear do you hope to add in 2017 to your camera bag?

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 I feel lucky - a 3 minute walk from home puts me on a little secret beach access looking across Elliott Bay to Olympic Mountain views like this! I had hoped to try a longer exposure to get the clouds all smooth and wispy but a 600mm lens and a stiff breeze caused too much shake, so I just sat there, shooting, watching the sun, hoping for a moment when the clouds would light up like this! * Captured last night with the #Sony #A7RII and #Tamron #150600G2 at 500mm
 I love that light on the Northern Flicker's breast! This image has a few issues - it's getting a little noisy, I'd have love to shoot at a slightly smaller aperture to get his head in focus and that bright light around his beak is distracting but I keep coming back to that light and the soft green frame :) Also related to my recent video 80D vs the 77D - why buy an older camera? learn more http://photorec.tv/77Dvs80D Captured with the #80D and #Tamron #150600G2 Lens at ISO 2000
 #mondaymorningshare - Were you trying to impress the ladies this week like this green winged teal? Visit photorec.tv/fb to share your favorite photo from the last week and check out all the submissions! It's a great way to get your work seen! * Captured with the Sigma 150-600 C as I wrap up my comparison vs the Tamron 150-600

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