This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_hdr

Via Toby – This week I was looking for images that provided a wide dynamic range without looking unreal – something the eye is capable of seeing but not taken to the extreme with saturation or clarity, or really even any additional color cast that happens in some HDR. I have a few small prizes I will be reaching out to our top picks soon.

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Toby’s Features:

I have been here, I know it’s tricky to shoot into the sun through the arch and still get detail in the shadows! Maxence did a fantastic job of balancing the lights and the darks here to produce a detailed rich image.

Sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah during our trip last week with @rabiertour. It was packed but as we arrived early we managed to pick a good spot and keep it until the sun rises. What a great show! Many more pictures to come from this trip, I have a lot from England before that but I had to post for this week’s #prtv challenge, #prtv_hdr challenge! . . . . . #mesaarch #canyonlands #nationalpark #utahisrad #igutah #utahgram #wowutah #focalmarked #sunshine #visitutah #sunsets #instasky #skyporn #earlybird #mothernature #skylovers #dawn #naturephoto #main_vision #artofvisuals #watchthisinstagood #landscape_captures #awesome_earthpix #natureaddict #rsa_rural #awesomeearth #nature_wizards #ourplanetdaily @focalmark

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Roy’s Features:

Using HDR in the case of a night shot is a nice way to get a few stars and expose your subject with a bit less noise.

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 Rainy Day Reflections of Seattle's coolest public library - I almost said coolest building but the new Amazon spheres are crazy cool. I like living in the future - now if we could just ecotopia this place up all would be peachy!
 Upper Sunbeam Falls - Powered by melting snow(seen at the top of the frame) - Captured with GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens 0.4 second exposure.
 @maudelou crosses the suspension bridge over the Ohanepecosh River on the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail - Mt Rainier National Park Captured with the GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens

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