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Instagram Winner Shadows

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As photographers, we normally shoot the light and this week flipped the book with Shadows. Shadows can tell a mystery, paint an object, add...

Instagram Winner Centered

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Architecture, portraits, and more this week with some nicely thought out shots in the Centered Instagram Challenge. Compared to the rule of thirds or...

Instagram Winner Black and White

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The pictures we take should tell a story and the switch to black and white puts the focus on the subjects even more. This...

Instagram Winner Bokeh

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Challenging yourself with a small depth of field and lots of blur was the goal for this week’s #PRTV_bokeh. While sometimes using that faster...

Instagram Winner Pets

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Coincidentally, with March 23rd being National Puppy Day, this week was your chance to show us your best pet photos. Whether they are your...

Signature Series

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Think Tank has gone modern and luxurious with their new Signature Series bags. Hand sewn, advanced fabrics blend weather protection and durability with the classic feel...

Instagram Winner Details

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This week the devil was in the details and your challenge to make those detail elements the key subject in your photos. We had...


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Introduced in 2013, PhotoPills is the swiss army knife of photography tools, with programs and calculators to get all the information you need conveniently in...

Think Tank Bag

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Think Tank Photo has redesigned the Airport Helipak V2.0 in an announcement this week. An updated version of a popular bag that’s airline safe,...

Daylight Savings Time

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Whether or not you hate it, or lost sleep, a good chunk of the US and Europe has to deal with daylight savings time....

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