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We will return to Croatia for a photo tour - This tour will likely sell out quickly. Add your name to the pre-notice list...

Iceland Vlog Harpa

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Remember- There is just ONE spot left on the New Zealand trip in January - learn more / Join us on an Epic Adventure https://youtu.be/Cj6hK7eVvRo

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http://www.youtube.com/embed/NVE9D7bVyN0 We're back in our Vermont studio for this last video blog where we discuss our final thoughts about our trip to Montana with McKay...

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http://youtu.be/0rHGxkMAfuw We will have a vlog up for you tomorrow with a wrap-up of our animal photography experience. Let me just say it is hard...

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http://youtu.be/kd-lH9Vacqk Daily trip report from the Montana/Yellowstone/Animals of Montana trip. We chat about the gear we are bringing and share some of the images from...

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In all the editing many of you missed the question of the week (from the podcast) - I have it queued up for ya....

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We traveled to Italy with McKay Photography Academy