Who this video is perfect for: Beginners to Lightroom or Lightroom users that want to take advantage of all the tools Lightroom offers without spending hours editing.This complete series will walk you through setup, best practices, editing techniques and show you the tools to stay organized.   We provide a complete look at the editing tools and share just what you need to know to make your photos beautiful without spending hours editing.  Additional topics include:  advanced editing of landscapes and portraits, using the power of location, exporting your images for print or web sharing, making books, and more.

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Ep2 //Editing Basics
Ep3 //Intermediate Editing
Ep4 //Power Tools
Ep5 //Adv & Creative Editing
EP6 //Export & Publish
EP7 //Map & Location
EP8 //Book Making
Ep9 //Portrait Retouch

Lightroom CC Features/Updates Covered

  • Brush Editing Gradient
  • Panorama Boundary Edges
  • Guided Transform Tool

OVER 30 PRESETS included

My background in education AND photography allows me to present these tutorials in clear and simple language that gives you what you need to harness the power of Lightroom without complication.

Each episode is available as a download or you can stream online and they include a printable guide and additional presets plus keyboard shortcuts hints.

You could purchase this set now or join my support group at just $5 a month. This gives you access to all of the Lightroom videos AND my support group AND weekly critiques AND content for just YOU, my supporters. Join the hundreds of supporters who gain photography and post processing skills everyday.  Have a question? Email me I am happy to talk!

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