My Gear and Recommended Gear

My Gear and Recommended Gear

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My recommendations come from using the items on this list personally – they represent some of the best values in each category Updated Late 2015

My Recommendations:

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Recommended SD Card:

My Gear for YouTube videos:

Gear Used for Live Streaming on YouTube

Setup in brief-

Audio – two Shure SM93 Lav mics run into the Tascam- set on stereo mix- audio out to the Sony. Video – The Sony is AC powered running HDMI out to the Blackmagic Design which runs into the Macbook via Thunderbolt.   Audio and video come in via the HDMI.

Budget YouTube Videos:

For Weddings:

Shooting weddings with a crop sensor cameras is possible but it becomes even more important to have a   good prime lens (Reasons you should have a prime lens) or two and an external flash.  If you show up with one budget camera and a kit lens you are likely to provide very poor quality images. We recommend always having a backup camera too. Renting Gear is recommended if you don’t have the budget to buy now.

Budget Weddings


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00278_27 mm1-200 sec at f - 4.5ISO 10000