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This weeks challenge, #PRTV_derelict, left things a bit rusty but you guys made a good show of it. As Toby and Christina are off in Fiji...

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Toby and Christina are vacationing in Fiji this week after the successful Mckay Photography Academy tour. On that note, live shows will return next week! While...

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This weeks challenge, #PRTV_juxtaposition, left things a bit two sided but you guys were up for the challenge! There were a lot of good choices and...

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Toby and Christina are out this week on another McKay Photography adventure to New Zealand and will be back for the Feb.16th live show....

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Sony 4D focusing system Sony FAST focusing during video Focus Tracking The new sony a6300 is capable of 120FPS at 1080p

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The argument that sony doesn't offer enough professional lenses for their full frame mirrorless system just vanished into thin air with the HUGE announcement...

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Sony has announced the long awaited successor to the a6000.  The new camera simply called the a6300 does offer some significant advancements worth the...

0 472 Is Christina Hobbit sized? We explore the amazing town and landscapes of Hobbiton -by foot and by air. Win an amazing trip with us -...

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