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Every once in awhile there is a product that comes along that really pushes the technology envelope and causes us all to rethink what...
Transitioning From Auto Mode to Manual Mode |

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Making the transition from auto mode to manual mode is a tough process for most amateur photographers. You're familiar with the terms ISO, aperture,...

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The new Sony α9 is capable of shooting 20 fps and can do so completely silently. Watch/listen to the demo I shot in my hotel...
Instagram Winner Shadows

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As photographers, we normally shoot the light and this week flipped the book with Shadows. Shadows can tell a mystery, paint an object, add...

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Sony is going after Canon/Nikon in a BIG way.   While Sony cameras continue to sell well - their aps-c line and full frame, the...
10 Quick Tips for Great Reflection Photos |

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Reflections are a tricky subject. Sometimes it's all but impossible to avoid a harsh glare in a subject's glasses. Other times the light turns...

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I have been impressed with the image quality improvements in the GH5 - Enough so that I am considering it as my only camera...
Instagram Winner Centered

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Architecture, portraits, and more this week with some nicely thought out shots in the Centered Instagram Challenge. Compared to the rule of thirds or...
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