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Facebook Scrapbook Feature

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Facebook has added a feature that provides parents a way to collaboratively build a gallery of photos of their children (or pets). Until now...

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Those have you been watching my videos know that at times I haven’t always gotten the audio perfect - one of my issues was...
Samyang 100mm Macro

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On Samyang's FB page they have teased a new lens coming soon. . . It is expected that this lens will be a 100mm Macro...
Squarespace is awesome

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As photographers with fairly static galleries we need a way to add content that provides an incentive for viewers to return to your site-...
Negative Film Strip

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Bill Flynn: I believe that someone suggested discussing scanning negatives into LR....if so could you touch on comparing scanned photos vs same scanned negatives... At...
Amazon Offering Unlimited Storage

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  Amazon has made news with their Unlimited Photos option for Prime subscribers and they have now upped their offering and $59.99 a year (after free three...

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Sharing the week's photo news and answering your questions! Feel free to leave your question as a comment below if you can't join us...
Liam on the uplift desk 900

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This is my review of the UPLIFT Desk 900 and a tour of my work space UPLIFT  Desk 900 Adjustable-Height Standing Desk I would add that it...

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