Quick Facts – Very little has changed. T5i will be available in late April with an 18-55 STM kit lens.

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What the T5i has that the T4i doesn’t

  • Sold with an 18-55 STM kit lens. The T4i is only sold with standard 18-55 kit and the 18-135 STM kit.
  • A mode dial that rotates 360 degrees. The T4i dial has a gap and a stop.
  • Creative filters can be displayed in real-time (as you take the photo) T4i only offered creative filter application after you took a photo.

* Silent Af only possible with the STM lenses, the 40mm(only kinda silent), the 18-135 STM and the NEW EF-S 18-55 STM.

Images coming soon but really the two cameras are nearly identical inside and out.

Canon T5i Body only: $749.99
Body+18-55 STM IS Kit: $899.99
Body+18-135 IS Kit: $1099.99
Canon T4i Body only: $648.99
Body +18-55mm IS II: $699.99
Body +18-135mm IS STM: $799 (Bundled deal w/ 55-250)

Thoughts- With the recent price drops the T4i with 18-135 is an excellent value that probably won’t last, I hear that the T4i will be phased out and the T3i will be sold as a cheaper alternative, side by side with T3i coming soon.

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 Box Canyon Tunnel on the descent from Paradise, Mt Ranier National Park Captured with the #GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8
 My niece giving me that look. From early morning family adventures in Saguaro National Park, Arizona
 Friday we head to Glacier National Park for a week of photography - I am excited to teach in this beautiful park. The park is packed with towering peaks, glacial carved valleys, and loads of gorgeous streams and waterfalls. I will be using this travel to test some gear. What in the box are you most interested in? What piece of gear would you love to see reviewed at Photorec.tv?

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  1. Ops…. Nikon will like to hear that 🙂
    In Nikon there are many progress like bigger megapixel, no low pas filter, etc.
    Nexus 5 and many other Smartphone will soon capable of recording 4K video.
    Canon 4K video pocket / affordable?
    The more funniest is EOS 100D has Hybrid CMOS AF II, while the 700D is same as 650D only first gen.

  2. Wow @ Canon. They remove the digital zoom from T4i which the previous model had then add it back as a feature to a new model. This is essentially a big FU to t4i owners.

  3. strange that they would come out with a T5i so quickly after the 4… taking a page out of Apple’s book.. Love my T4i, seems like the new 18-55mm STM lens will be a nice addition if you take video..

    • That’s Canons way of doing things lately. Roughly once a year, they introduce a new version. The t4i was a little late in the year, but looks like they’re back to springtime releases. Prolly an effort to phase out the t3i and phase in the STM focusing system more than anything else.

      • I agree with all of that except for the phase out bit. I hear the t4i will be discontinued while the t3i will still be offered. So we will have basically two tiers of entry level, the older non STM using T3i and the newer T5i and SL1.

  4. Sort of like when the METS got their black uniforms. They sold a lot more jerseys. The team was the same. (Awful). Just a marketing ploy to keep them relevant. I guess 55% of the market isn’t enough!!

  5. Toby, would you buy the T4i, T5i, or wait to see what else is coming out. I plan on getting a new camera around August which is my birthday. Roughly have a $1000-$1200 to play with. I have never owned a DSLR camera.

    • Karsten,

      This is always a bit tricky to answer. There will always be another, newer “better” camera in the future – my answer will depend on where you hope to be as a photographer in a year or two years – Capturing kids or family events, travel photography or would you like to be working towards a career in photography? The next Canon release will likely be a good bit above $1200, the 70D. The T4i, T5i and new SL1 are all excellent beginning points and spend the savings on lenses. I wouldn’t start with the SL1 if you were seriously considering a photography business, it is just a bit more limited than T5i and others. I am happy to chat more about this. Best, T

      • I plan on using the camera, for personal use, pictures of the kids, pets, auto shows, etc.. I was leaning towards the T5i and maybe an L lens to go with the new camera

  6. I second that, Jamie Barger! Really happy with my new T4i. Seems like they made the T5i more user friendly, as they added some features that don’t seem very interesting for an advanced photographer. Like the creative filters in LiveView and the added digital zoom.
    Already read some threads in which people where called idiots in case they bought a more expensive T5i instead of a cheaper T4i. So I don’t feel like the T5i is a camera I want to be seen with, as long as the T4i is for sale…

  7. I think they still could of improved the t5i with more then just those improvements not the big of leap from the t4i but by the time the t5i comes out the Nikon 5200 will be a great deal

  8. still identical n i will keep with my t4i -_-” beside im not interest in digital zooming n expensive stm lenses coz am not a video guy n creative filter is useless because i shoot in RAW n ps / lr is more cooler thn tht fucking creative filter..
    i rather wait for the 7D price to drop n i will buy it n make my t4i as a second body 😀 btw, Toby sir, i just bought tamron 17 50 f2.8 vc today n im happy with it.

  9. So what do you think will be the primary differences between the t5i and the 70D coming out in April??

    Thanks for your help!

    • The 70D is only rumoured to be announced in April, probably not released for a month or so after. It will likely be bigger a good bit more expensive $1400ish and offer a new sensor and focus engine, but that is just speculation.

  10. I bought a Rebel t3 a year ago, and have been thinking about the t4i because of the good reviews and would prefer to have an 18 pixel camera instead of the 12 thats on my t3. Now now I’m wondering if I should wait for the t5i. I choose carefully because I don’t have a huge budget to be buying new cameras every year. Thanks for your help.

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