In this video I offer some advice for determining the value of a lens and help you pick the best lens for your DSLR

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 Happy almost Friday... I had typed "Happy Friday" before I realized it is still just Thursday :/ I am sitting in a hotel room just a short walk from all that Washington DC offers. We start a #mckaylive photo tour tonight and will spend the next week photographing in the region. I grew up about an hour from here and remember an 8th grade field trip where I got soaked running through all the sprinklers on the National Mall and later sat in an IMAX film and froze to death :) #geniuskid Have you been to Washington DC? What's your favorite museum/monument or activity here? This photo is from Sunday evening sunset over Puget Sound - Captured with the #Sony #A7RII and #Canon 2470mm with #NiSiFilters #10StopND AND new Horizon filter (check my instagram stories for a closer look at this filter) This image is actually a composite - a 2 minute exposure for the sky and a shorter 1/6 of a second exposure for the water.
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  1. Hi. Toby,
    Nice video. I watched lots of your (useful, and helpful) video recently, and a fan for you. Question here is how to deal with some new announced lens, such as Nikon 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens. I read one of your comments, said it is better than Nikon 18-105mm and 18-200mm lens. I agreed with you that it will be a ‘kit’ lens with some of new Nikon cameras, similar as Canon 18-135mm lens. It has been in market for 2-3 weeks, with none (might be 1) review. For this situation, how to use the ‘rules’ you mentioned in the video to make a purchasing decision when you are new for the are. Thx.

    • It becomes more difficult to judge new lenses – you can wait for a few reviews to show up or you can take some time to read the MFT charts. By all reports the new 18-140 is improved but you still judge it based on your needs and what it offers which in this case is primarily convenience and decent image quality. It still doesn’t offer wide apertures, especially at longer focal lengths.

  2. Thx for your valuable time on the comment and suggestion.
    It is slower lens and faces lot of competition, even in Nikon brand, such as 18-105mm and 18-200mm. As review (very early and general review without tests)
    ‘This Nikon 18-140 DX VR is a great do-everything lens for DX cameras. It’s sharp, focuses well, covers every focal length a good phtoographer needs and works great. ….. Pick yours based on how much you feel like carrying versus how long you need to zoom or want to spend’.
    I raised this issue since I do see some of companies started to pack it with D5200 or D7100 as a kit lens with promotion prices (discount about $300).
    Since I am new for this field, and will take your suggestion-wait for few reviews, especially someone with more experience on photography.
    Thank you again and will watch your future new videos, and review .

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