Starting with Photo News this week –

An instagramer makes $15,000 seling his prints! In one day!!!
The Instagramer – Arnold Daniel
The Forbes Article –

Christina discusses buy expensive cameras and adding filters/effects.

Christina’s Lightroom presets of choice – Replichrome Presets

12:00 Introduction to Presets in Lightroom

Sigma is going to pay Nikon 14.5 Million for patent infringement! This is related to a a “complaint” I received from Craig this week


I’m registering a complaint with the camera manufactures: Why are you using different proprietary terminology for the same feature? Image Stabilization is a great example: Canon, IS (Image Stabilization); Nikon, VR (Vibration Reduction); Tamron, VC (Vibration Compensation); Olympus, IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization); Sony, OSS (Optical SteadyShot) and SSS (Super Steady Shot); Panasonic and Leica, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization); Sigma, OS (Optical Stabilization); Pentax, SR (Shake Reduction); Nokia, PV (PureView); HTC, UP (UltraPixel). Are manufactures just trying to make it more difficult for entry-level photographers, or any photographer for that matter? What is the thinking around this?

22:55 Follow up on my 70D Focus Issues

26:06 First Look at the PolarPro Filters that arrived this week – very excited to try these out on my GoPro

28:32 New HTC One plus One with dual camera tech hmmmm – sounds like the Lytro- what is that revolutionary product up to today?


35:06 Predictions for the future – Camera Technology.

42:03 Take the POLL: Will the Canon T6i have dual pixel focusing technology?

45:00 Click here to see Your predictions for future cameras on Facebook

Christina’s Cat Lady Camera Owner Confession

54:55 Reader Question – Using an external flash outside – with nothing to bounce the light how do you get good flash exposure?

Bob Smith

How do I use my on camera speedlite when I there’s nothing to bounce the flash off?

I’m new to dslr’s and recently purchased a Canon 430exii flash to supplement my Canon SL1. I was quickly and easily able to capture great pictures indoors by bouncing the flash and using a small stofen diffuser. However, I’m lost when I don’t have something to bounce the flash off and end up aiming the flash directly at my subject and casting some hard heavy shadows. I try to reduce this by dialing the FEC down, but obviously the image gets dark. I most recently encountered this problem when trying to use fill flash on my wife with a sunset in the background. Any tips or recommended diffusers? Thanks


Favorite Photo of the week –

Christina Picks
up and down

Toby Picks
Through the Mist


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B&H Photo has a list of Everything Announced at CES 2017

 Bald Eagle in Yellowstone - does it get more American than that? The national symbol in the first national park! This was a few days ago - today we saw a golden eagle and my favorite - Pronghorn Antelope - America's fastest land animal! It's been a good week ANDDDDD I get to do it all again with the 2nd tour. Yes I am lucky, yes I am living the dream and YES I worked hard to get here. I am working on a video about hustle, fear and dreams. By working I mean I have thought about it. And yes I like who I am and @nsharpes made me order TWO grande Margaritas - so that might be contributing to this monologue that I just subjected you all too. But honestly - you are cool! ~ Captured with the #Sony #A7RII and Canon 70-200 using MC11 adapter
 I said it before, I will say it again - Yellowstone NP in winter is a magical place - for most of the day we were the only ones in sight - in all directions!! It is an amazing experience and I spend most of the day grinning at the beauty, the uniqueness and my luck at being able to experience it all. I remember driving through Hayden Valley on my Summer 1994 road trip- Obviously the place stuck with me and to see it now, all covered in snow... #FNFantastic //And now The Fear by Lily Allen is stuck in my head. ~  Captured with the #Sony #a7rII and Canon 70-200
 #bison #snowface ~  Captured with the #Sony #a7rII and Canon 100-400 and heavily cropped because I follow the #YellowstonePledge :)

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  1. Where to bounce. Get a VAL(voice activated light stand). Aka: a friend. Order EasyBox soft box 8.5in sq. $75, a paint pole with adapter from Adorama. Mount flash. Fire flash with SL1 built in flash. Also extremely useful indoors.

      • OK, So you’re all eet. All you have to do is wait til next Valentine’s Day, and ask Christina, by surprise while taping, ‘Will you be my VAL’? She say yes of course, and you jump up and get a soft box on a stick and hand it to her. Or some other contrived by you nonsense to celebrate Valentines Day with a laugh!

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