I have had the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens in my hand for 18 hours- I can say the following-

It is sharp, light and affordable. A great option for real estate, landscapes and anyone that want’s to explore wide angle photography. The 10-18 is $299 and shipping now from B&H. This is $300 cheaper than Canon’s 10-22 f/2.5- f/4.5 and offers the same sharpness in a smaller and lighter package with Image Stabilization (IS) and Silent Stepper Motor (STM) for smooth and silent autofocus. ¬†Image stabilization seems good- with static subjects you can go to very low shutter speeds due to the wide angle AND the inclusion of image stabilization.


10mm using the 10-18
10mm using the 10-18 – Distortion(bending of straight lines) is low
14mm using the 10-18
14mm using the 10-18
18mm using the 10-18
18mm using the 10-18- nice and clean at 18mm
18mm using the 18-135 STM
18mm using the 18-135 STM- Much more distortion at 18mm from the 18-135

Downsides- Maximum aperture of f/4.5 at 10mm can be limiting Рin both light and creative control. It is difficult to creatively blur the background when you are limited to a maximum of f/4.5

10mm at f/4.5 - focusing at the near focus limit gives you some background blur.
10mm at f/4.5 – focusing at the near focus limit gives you some background blur.

A few more images –


5103_10 mm1-40 sec at f - 4.5ISO 160

I will have a video with some early thoughts up soon.

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 Watching the light play across Bridal Veil Falls #YosemiteNP with #mckaylive Captured with the #Lumix GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens. #lumixLounge
 Adventure awaits ahead Captured in #YosemiteNationalPark on a #Mckaylive trip Captured with the #Lumix GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens. #lumixLounge

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  1. I think this will be my next lens. I was considering the Canon EF 40mm F/2.8 STM pancake as my next lens, but that’s more for convenience than for its speed, since I already have the kit lens that can reach 40mm, only at f/5.0. I have no ultra wide angle lens for my DSLR and I loved and miss my wide angle lens on my film SLR. There was a ceiling shot in the Cathedral of St. Paul that I just couldn’t back up enough to totally get within the frame (unless I dug a hole in the floor) at 18mm.
    Thanks for the review.

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