Full video and image samples below.

Summary: An impressive range with little image quality loss vs the kit lens from Canon (and Nikon) but increased chromatic aberration and limited maximum aperture across the range. Those valuing convenience above image quality may want to consider this lens. A nice bonus of great image stabilization (VS) and macro like capabilities make this a fun lens for travel and family snapshots. Just be warned that in low light you will need that VS at the longer focal lengths.

Tamron 16-300 Tested on a Canon 70D

Tamron 16-300 Pros:

  • Huge range- no one else offers 16mm to 300mm and does it better than many of the 18-200 lenses currently on the market.
  • Decent image quality
  • Good Vibration control
  • Macro capabilities – it is not a macro lens but does let you get close and coupled with the VC you can get good handheld shots
  • Focus sound is near silent similar to the STM lenses but. .

Tamron 16-300 Cons:

  • Focus was slower than STM lenses and more likely to get confused.
  • Increased chromatic aberration (purple/magenta fringe seen at the edge of high contrast areas) common in lenses like this and cheaper lens
  • Slow apertures  – meaning as you zoom you will find that you need lots of light or will have a very slow shutter speed to compare. At 100mm the 16-300 maximum aperture is f/5.6. The 70-300 IS USM offers f/4.5. at 200mm the Tamron has hit f/6.3 and the 70-300 provides f/5.
  • Zooming presents uneven friction (sticky spots as you rotate the lens) these seemed to decrease during testing but I worry long term about lens creep – the lens zooming as it hangs by your side.

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Tamron 16-300 Image Samples (watch the video for more comparisons)

See the tree on the hill? Rollover to see that at 300mm, Serious Zoom!

Way up on the hill is a small rock outcrop – rollover the image to see 300mm view- No cropping, no moving

Rollover to see the difference between 18mm(Canon 18mm with the 18-135 STM) and 16mm(Tamron 16-300)


Screenshot 2014-06-17 17.54.21
At 70mm the Canon 18-135 STM shows better detail. At 100 and above though the Tamron did better
Screenshot 2014-06-17 17.53.44
My copy of the 18-135 STM is quite soft in the corners and the Tamron does a better job here. This may just be my copy of the Canon 18-135 STM.


5349_300 mm1-200 sec at f - 6.3ISO 1250
Tamron 16-300 at 1/200 sec f/6.3 at ISO 1250
5352_300 mm1-200 sec at f - 6.3ISO 2500
Tamron 16-300 at 1/200 sec f/6.3 at ISO 2500
5366_300 mm1-250 sec at f - 6.3ISO 800
Tamron 16-300 at 300mm 1/250 sec at f/6.3 ISO 800

5450_300 mm1-800 sec at f - 6.3ISO 320

5491_57 mm1-1250 sec at f - 5.0ISO 320
57mm at 1/1250 f/5 ISO 320.
5500_50 mm1-200 sec at f - 5.0ISO 640
Portrait with the Tamron – quality was better than the 18-135 kit lens at 50mm f/5.0
5483_200 mm1-200 sec at f - 6.3ISO 320
Another macro example – some crazy barbed wire 200mm at 1/200 of a second f/6.3
A portrait at 300mm f/7.1
A portrait at 300mm f/7.1


Support my work and reviews – Buy the Tamron 16-300 from B&H $629.00

B&H Photo has a list of Everything Announced at CES 2017

 Bald Eagle in Yellowstone - does it get more American than that? The national symbol in the first national park! This was a few days ago - today we saw a golden eagle and my favorite - Pronghorn Antelope - America's fastest land animal! It's been a good week ANDDDDD I get to do it all again with the 2nd tour. Yes I am lucky, yes I am living the dream and YES I worked hard to get here. I am working on a video about hustle, fear and dreams. By working I mean I have thought about it. And yes I like who I am and @nsharpes made me order TWO grande Margaritas - so that might be contributing to this monologue that I just subjected you all too. But honestly - you are cool! ~ Captured with the #Sony #A7RII and Canon 70-200 using MC11 adapter
 I said it before, I will say it again - Yellowstone NP in winter is a magical place - for most of the day we were the only ones in sight - in all directions!! It is an amazing experience and I spend most of the day grinning at the beauty, the uniqueness and my luck at being able to experience it all. I remember driving through Hayden Valley on my Summer 1994 road trip- Obviously the place stuck with me and to see it now, all covered in snow... #FNFantastic //And now The Fear by Lily Allen is stuck in my head. ~  Captured with the #Sony #a7rII and Canon 70-200
 #bison #snowface ~  Captured with the #Sony #a7rII and Canon 100-400 and heavily cropped because I follow the #YellowstonePledge :)

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