I love the B&H guys, they help make what I do possible.  They also do their own camera reviews and have a detailed overview of the form and function of the Canon 7D Mark II.  Associated with Scott Kelby and Canon they may not be quite so fair and balanced but it is still a good overview of the camera and I look forward to giving you my own thoughts soon.

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My own preview of the Canon 7D Mark II

Thinking about preordering? Use these links to support my site Amazon | B&H

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 Happy almost Friday... I had typed "Happy Friday" before I realized it is still just Thursday :/ I am sitting in a hotel room just a short walk from all that Washington DC offers. We start a #mckaylive photo tour tonight and will spend the next week photographing in the region. I grew up about an hour from here and remember an 8th grade field trip where I got soaked running through all the sprinklers on the National Mall and later sat in an IMAX film and froze to death :) #geniuskid Have you been to Washington DC? What's your favorite museum/monument or activity here? This photo is from Sunday evening sunset over Puget Sound - Captured with the #Sony #A7RII and #Canon 2470mm with #NiSiFilters #10StopND AND new Horizon filter (check my instagram stories for a closer look at this filter) This image is actually a composite - a 2 minute exposure for the sky and a shorter 1/6 of a second exposure for the water.
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  1. I still prefer the 70D. I just won’t purchase a camera without an articulated LCD and Canon makes the most flexible. I own the T4i and G12 and both have it. But, if the 7D Mark II had a touch screen, I would consider it. I agree that it doesn’t make much sense not to include touch screen.

    Since shooting football and birds in flight with my T4i that only has 9 AF points, I now understand why action photographers prefer the higher end (and higher priced) DSLRs. I think, and please correct me if I’m wrong, it all boils down to number of AF focus points.

    So, would the 70D’s 19 AF focus points solve my problem shooting raptors in flight? Here’s the thing: I thought after practicing on Canadian geese (at 1/800) that that would prepare me for shooting raptors, but it barely did. These beautiful birds are so fast that if you try shooting them with anything less than 1/1250 or 1/1600, you will not freeze their feathers in flight. That’s not to mention the real problem of keeping focus using AI Servo mode. Focus keeps dropping off to the sky instead of the birds. If the 70D w/ 19 AF points can solve my problem, then I would not consider the 7D Mark II. And I’m not ready to upgrade to full-frame.

    • Hi Craig – The number of points AND the speed of focus is what makes the difference. More points help but if the camera doesn’t have a fast focusing brain it doesn’t help. The 70D is noticeably faster than the T4i but you are still going to be frustrated with Raptors in flight – really not sure there is anything as challenging to photograph! This is where the 7D Mark II will really shine – it has the AF system from the $6,000 Canon 1Dx and is FAST and Capable of tracking intelligently. It will of course still take practice.

      Lenses matter too – the higher end L glass has very good USM motors that can drive the lens to the correct focus quickly.


  2. Thanks Toby. No more impulse buys. I’m renting my next body before purchasing.
    So, what I found was using just the center AF focus point, AI Servo (on T4i) will often find background instead of the bird initially to focus on.
    One thing I’m not sure on. Let me explain first. AI Servo let’s you use the center focus point to capture the subject’s focus, then passes it off to other focus points. Do you have to activate all the focus points in order for this to work (passing focus off to another focus point)?

  3. C’mon canon. No wifi, no touchscreen, no articulating screen! This is supposed to be a mark ii and the top of the food chain crop sensor. For the top end, it should be better than the 70d in every way.

    high iso? nobody uses 12800 and up. that is such a useless spec.

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