Here are a few samples from the Canon T6s – Scroll down for a link to Dropbox where you can download the full resolution images and read some early thoughts.

Full Resolution Sample T6s files in Dropbox


Early Thoughts on the T6s

  • Live view focus and AI-Servo is almost as fast and smooth as the 70D, very good!
  • Higher ISO images are quite good, I don’t think they are as good as Nikon D5500 but close
  • Having the small dial on the back for aperture and exposure adjustments is a nice touch – it is small but quite useful.
  • I wish you could adjust exposure while still using AUTO ISO.
  • Touchscreen is nice and responsive
  • The focus select mode button is a little random stuck up on top- luckily they provide a custom setting to avoid needing to use it.
    • Custom Functions(C.fn) > Page 5 C.fnIII: Autofocus/Drive AF Selection Area Selection Method Set to 1.  This lets you press the AF select button on the back corner of the camera and then rotate main dial (top dial) to change the AF mode.  You have three options Manual Selection 1pt, Manual Selection Zone AF, Auto Selection: 19pt.

More soon – what would you like to know about the Canon T6s


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 Way back in March we spent a few nights at the awesome #aurorabear yurt run by @frankstelges If you want to hang out at the coolest yurt while watching #auroraborealis reach out to him!! While waiting for the aurora to show up I ran the 80D in time-lapse mode and then stacked it all in #starstax which answers the question - what's it look like when you shoot the stars AND the full moon and StarStax it all. Captured with the #Canon #80D and 24mm f/2.8 lens. (Note - the 80D ran for 3 hours in near zero temps on one battery!)
 Left to Right - Mahtotopa Mountain(8,671 ft), Little Chief Mountain (9,514 ft), Citadel Mountain (9,035 ft) - as seen from Going-To-The-Sun Point #GlacierNP is awesome even if #loganpass is closed! I could tell you when it will open but we were sworn to secrecy :) #mckaylive
 Ponte Fabricio - one of many sweet bridges crossing the river Tiber.

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  1. Hey what lens did you use to take these photos?

    I’m planning to buy my first dslr but confused . I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to nikon d5300, d700 and canon 760d. The reason behind including d7000 in here because of the physicl buttons, even though this will be my first dslr i’ve been reading about photography for years so advance exposure control and stuffs no problem for me. and for the ultimate control i’ll be happy if i dont have to fiddle around too much. Please suggest.

    • I mostly used the Canon 24mm EF-S lens. Do you want to do much video? If yes – the 760D is a really nice camera, user friendly with enough physical buttons for easy manual control while still being smaller, lighter and more portable than the D7000. D5300 is a nice camera too- you really can’t go wrong unless you want easy autofocus for video – then your only choice is the 760D 🙂

  2. Hi Toby,
    thank you very much for sharing these great pics and for your informative, fun-to-watch videos!
    I like them very much and can easily spend an hour or more watching two or three of your videos in a row.
    I am planning to buy a new camera in the next 2-3 months and am happy to hear that the LiveView focus on the new Canon T6S is almost as good as that of the Canon 70D (I will use the camera primarily for product-photography indoors where I put my camera on a tripod and take pictures using LiveView)
    I was wondering how the new T6S fares when compared with for example the Nikon D5500 and/or the Pentax K-S2?
    Is this something you would be able to get intoa bit deeper in your upcoming review?

    Thanks in advance for your time and efforts and I would like to wish you a nice weekend!

    Kind regards,


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