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Episode 60- Ankle Deep in Dark Water Show Notes

Rollover image below for the answer “What was I doing ankle deep in dark water at 10:30pm?”

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In case you missed it

Should You Buy a DSLR with Kit Lens?  

Google Photos – Quick Tour

What is coming UP!

Miops Review and how to

This picture

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Canon extends mail-in-rebates through July 4th

Canon 6D Rumors – 2016 early, smaller, lighter but more powerful /upmarket


Incredible timelapse of One World Trade Center being built over 11 years

Adaptability of mirrorless. $60,000 broadcast lens on a GH4

Lenses are complicated:

One location 16,000 photos made –


Trust These companies with your photos?

Lightroom CC additional features are coming.


RAW Doctor – Fixing Lightning!


Reader Questions –


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 I have a hands-on review of the Sony 85mm GM lens - Watch Spoiler: I am going to shed a few tears when I return this review unit - it is a lovely lens and has been a joy to use on my A7RII. And the 85mm focal length works well for many landscapes too!
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 I noticed these two hanging out on the floor and asked my daughter to stay still while my niece continued to be a #wiggleworm. Set a slower shutter speed on my #lgg5 and here is the result - Edits in #snapseed

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