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Instagram Contest  Winner MONOCHROMATIC

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Christina’s Winner – https://instagram.com/p/3grkD0x6Zu/

Honorable Mentions –




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In case you missed it


Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

MIOPS High Speed Trigger




RM3 – Flash for your Smartphone?


RM3 – DJI Matrice 100 Drone, open software platform for developers


RM3 – Fresco News App turns to crowdsourcing for photos


RM3 – Blacks Photography To Close All 59 Stores


Apple’s OS X El Capitan to Improve Adobe CC Performance


YouTube supports 8K video


Zeiss to put a hold on development on the Touit line of autofocus lenses for APSC E-mount and X-mount cameras


Zeiss virtual reality




G.A.S.? 600 vintage cameras for $34,900


How about a $350,000 Leica camera rifle?




Reader Questions:

Brecht Geeraerts Maybe a quick question for tonight’s show: with the recent release of the 5D S (R) and the rumours of a 5D mark iv (announced maybe Q4 2015) would you still recommend getting a mark iii at this point in time for the enthusiast canon shooter?



Q: I have a 430exii & want a Yongnuo 600ex-rt to use  off camera. Which trigger do I need? Can I fire 430 off-camera w/o an external trigger but not have the in-camera flash go off? a speedlite newbie

Craig Lance

Well, I just wanted to correct something I said in a previous show regarding lightning photography. I was using Magic Lantern and said I triggered the shutter using sound.  It was Motion Detection.

Craig Lance

Yes, how can you MAKE lightning happen?

Roger M Hunt

I read today in Amateur Photography that it’s ‘normal’ to shoot with the mirror locked up with a telephoto lens so as to avoid vibration from the mechanism . . . . so what’s the score?

Craig Lance

I do have a closing question: Best way to photography police.

James Yahn

Can I just come and help out with your photoshoots as an intern to support you both?

Roger M Hunt

We need a Patreon badge . . . or better still . . . where’s the mugs?

Duarte Gaivão

have any thoughts on the new canon 50mm 1.8?? getting my first bokehlicious prime for my 700d aps-c

Niju George

Could you please explain the canon 70-200 field of depth, when it’s in 70 or in 200 focal lengths

Focal Length Tool – http://dofsimulator.net/en/

Jay Holman

your thoughts on me purchasing the canon ef 24-70mm for my t5i? I’m an noob

Azimuddin Mohammed

you should do comparision video between sony 7rii and cannon 5DS

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 I noticed these two hanging out on the floor and asked my daughter to stay still while my niece continued to be a #wiggleworm. Set a slower shutter speed on my #lgg5 and here is the result - Edits in #snapseed

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