The Canon 80D has now been officially announced– The leaked specs were extremely accurate – there is additional information to suggest that the dual pixel AF system has been improved and the kit lens is now upgraded to IS USM, no longer STM- read more below.  How does the 80D compare to the 70D and T6s? Watch the video below and visit 80D vs 70D vs T6s/T6i for more info.

Preorder Available from B&H Photo  Expected at the End of March.

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens $1,799
Canon EOS 80D Body Only $1,199

Canon 80D with popup flash
Canon 80D with popup flash
headphone and mic jack
headphone and mic jack
Flipout touchscreen
Flip Out Touchscreen
Canon 80D
Canon 80D


  • 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor (more than the 20MP from the 7D Mark II)
  • DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • IMPROVED Dual pixel CMOS AF – noted as significantly better than 70D
  • Continuous shooting 7 frames / sec – Live view 5 frames / sec. (AF tracking)
  • AF 45 points (all points cross type) 7D mark II has 65 Cross type. 70D has 19.
  • 7560 pixel RGB + IR metering sensor
  • ISO 100-16000
  • flickerless shooting (adopted from the 7D Mark II) – this enables more consistent exposures in gym/arena lighting
  • Finder is 100% field of view – up from 98% with the 70D
  • 3 inches vari-angle touch screen LCD monitor.- The same as 70D
  • 1080p 60 fps – Up from 30fps with the 70D and on par with 7D Mark II
  • Time-lapse movie & additional creative filters for video – Something Canon finally started adding with the 5DS series.
  • Wi-Fi, NFC – remote shooting by smartphone – I doubt this will include video start and stop- probably only photo remote control as you can do now with 70D.

Dial of the 70D compared to the 80D – really the only exterior difference I can find other than the viewfinder upgrade.

Canon 70D Dial
Dial of 80D
Dial of 80D

80D looks to add Custom 1 AND Custom 2 to the dial along with filters for video (possibly) (between SCN and C2)

These look like decent upgrades – nothing ground breaking and compared to other options, like the newly announced a6300, this looks like Canon is still behind the curve but if you have a rebel, and a few canon lenses this does represent a decent upgrade and a solid hybrid camera – video and photo capable.

The 80D will be bundled with a NEW 18-135 lens – no longer STM – But USM with a new designation of NANO USM. I suspect this allows for the continued smooth and silent focusing that STM provided but with additional speed to support the faster AF system in live view/dual pixel AF

Canon 18-135 IS Nano USM
Canon 18-135 IS Nano USM


What do you think of these specs? Enough to warrant an upgrade from a 70D? How about T5i or even T6i/T6s owners?

The battery grip offered on the page is the same as the 70D- as we suspected the body is identical and use of the 70D battery grip is possible.

Preorder Available from B&H Photo  Expected at the end of March.

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens $1,799
Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens $1,349
Canon EOS 80D Body Only $1,199
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens $599

And if you wished your DSLR was more like a camcorder you can add
Canon PZ-E1 Power Zoom Adapter for just $149

  • Provides Electronic Zooming Control
  • Smoother Zoom Movements for Video
  • Zoom Mode and Speed Settings Switches
  • Integrated Locking MechanismScreenshot 2016-02-18 00.20.51 Screenshot 2016-02-18 00.20.45

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  1. It again looks what the 70D should have been in the first place, a better rounder up of features. I don’t think to upgrade for several reasons, one of which is the lack of money since I’m trying to invest in better lenses first. The real wonder is if Canon plans to release new lenses compatible with this power zoom. If not, then there are better options to operate the zoom as video makers have been doing since video was available on DSLR’s.
    I’ll wait for the 90D (also because I was born in 1990 😛 ) that for sure will feature 4k, but by that time I’ll also have a more perfoming computer (I have a 2009 computer that sometimes shows its age, although I made a 4k timelapse on it) and more hard drives!!!

  2. Hello! 80D body will be cost around 1200$. You can buy the 70D body + 18-135 IS STM for the same amount of money. Is it really worth for giving the extra money for 80D? Toby whats your saying? Cause im about either to pre order 80D or buy the 70D with 18-135 IS STM in any momment. Thank you in Advance!

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