Story part two in a way. Inspired by last weeks posts of collages in #PRTV_story this weeks challenge #PRTV_collage upped the difficulty.  Both myself and Scott chose the best that followed that theme and it was challenging for us to pick. Like always you guys proved your skill!

You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s challenge #prtv_red. Like always to enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Wednesday with the tags #prtv and #prtv_red.

For tips shooting reds check out Roy’s article below: 

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Toby – Photorectoby Scott – photoscott88 Roy – RoyMcKeeIII

Scott’s Winner:

#prtv_collage #prtv #daughter #dandelion

A photo posted by Erwin Hollmann (@erwin_hollmann) on

Scott’s Honorable Mentions:


A photo posted by William Stone (@williamcstonejr) on

Moon x4 #moon #planet #prtv_collage #moody #moodygrams #symetry#sigmaview #sigma150600 #d750

A photo posted by Cameron Baldwin ( on

Roy’s Winner:

#prtv_collage #prtv #daughter #dandelion

A photo posted by Erwin Hollmann (@erwin_hollmann) on

Roy’s Honorable Mentions:


A photo posted by William Stone (@williamcstonejr) on

Hummingbird triptych for TC Live show #Hummingbird #triptych #story #Tclive_triptych #sony_a57 #tamron_lens #70_300

A photo posted by Dalibor Mrkic (@dalibormrkic) on

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 I noticed these two hanging out on the floor and asked my daughter to stay still while my niece continued to be a #wiggleworm. Set a slower shutter speed on my #lgg5 and here is the result - Edits in #snapseed

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