A video from Korey Rowe at the Canon Experience Center in Costa Mesa, California getting hands on with the 5d Mark 4. The Canon Experience Center, built in 2014, while acting as a service center it also includes a product showroom and theater experience for customers to view products. This is an official Canon promotional event for the new EOS 5D Mark 4 (iv) and 16-35mm L (iii). He asked some hard questions to the cinema rep at the event. Covering the reasons for the SD and CF cards, cropped 4k Video, and large files sizes of the h.264 codec found in the camera.


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 They all had dreams. They all had family. They died for us. Arlington National Cemetery is a heavy place, I can't help but think about all the pain and suffering when presented with row upon row of a headstone representing a fallen soldier and my mind boggles that this still happens today. On this little planet hurtling through an incomprehensible ginormous space - some people think it is ok to kill each other. :( p.s. You should google Cornelius H. Charlton - his story is interesting p.p.s My grandfather is buried in Arlington- my Mom's father was instrumental in designing and implementing early radar systems for the Navy in WW2. Captured with the #Sony #a7RII and #Canon #70200L at 200mm and f/3.2
 #mondaymorningshare - I want to see your failed experiments or favorite photos from the last week. GO TO http://photorec.tv/fb to share your fav image from the past week. Here's my #failedexperiment The US Capitol at Sunset. File this under because I could - a 2 minute exposure with the use of a NISI Filters 10-stop ND. I hoped I would get some interesting wispy movement in the clouds but nothing developed. Next I tried a 6 minute exposure (swipe to see it) and while there may be a little more movement in the clouds it certainly wasn't anything to get excited about. And while I often recommend very carefully shooting building and monuments as symmetrically as possible, I purposefully shot from right of center to avoid losing Ulysses S. Grant statue in the front of the capitol. *  Sony #A7RII and #Canon 2470mm with #NiSiFilters #10StopND
 I love traveling with other photographers on #mckaylive trips. Kari, a trip participant, noticed this line of trees and shared her perspective with me. I had glanced at them but hadn't noticed how nicely they lined up when standing at a certain spot #teacherbecomesthestudent :) We had a great day leaving behind the cherry blossom crowds for a much quieter walk around #HarpersFerryWV. And a visit to #BolivarHeights a much fought over hilltop during the civil war and the site of the largest surrender of Union troops - over 12,000 men surrendered to Stonewall Jackson. *  Captured with the #Panasonic #GH4 and #1235mm lens

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  1. Yeah… Canon Rep, more like sales person. What I think happened with Canon dates back to when they first introduced the 5D. Usually companies don’t make products year after year but they plan in 5-10-15-20 years in advance, putting everything on a road map to follow. However they don’t know what other companies have planned, otherwise there would not be any surprise factor. So what happened is that Canon usually updates their top models every three years on average, and that was good for them: they released the first 5D in 2005, then late 2008 they introduced the video and in 2011 through 2012 made their biggest revolution. Introducing the 5DmkIII, but also a brand new line, the EOS Cinema line with precise steps to follow. This line was the first line of cameras and DSLR supporting 4k at quite an affordable price for the big movie productions: the EOS 1D-C was the first DSLR to record in 4k at 12,000 dollars. Then Canon was already developing the Dual Pixel Auto Focus, which still is the best amongst all the system, but in the same year that was introduced (2013) Panasonic debutted with the GH4, then Sony followed soon after. Canon, I think, was taken by surprise, since they would have introduced 4k in lower models, but not before they updated the Cinema line to support 8k (which now is rumored to be supported in the next reiteration of the C500 model, after the Canon Exposition where they featured a C500 that shoot in 8k). So I believe that the 4k in the 5D line was introduced in a rush during 2013-2014 and this first delayed to August 2016 the release of the camera, 4 years and eight months after its predecessor, when before we had an update frequency of just 3 years. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s so sucky on the video side and why they didn’t go for faster newer cards, because they first wanted to introduce only the DPAF to all their cameras, and then, in the 5D mark V, finally the 4k.
    So the implementation of such a codec MJPEG, is solely because Canon was rushed to put 4k into this camera, and wanted to give the opportunity for photojournalists to grab stills from the videos (that’s Toby’s fault though: he kept saying that we would just capture stills from videos!!! 😉 ), without having them limited to choose between stills or video, but AT LEAST put the option to choose Motion Jpeg for those moments where you are a one-man-band that does photo and video, and H.264 or H.265 for the many many videographers that started doing video thanks to the 5DMkII
    Now this is my solely interpretations of what has happened in the last 11, almost 12 years. Although we will never know, unless somebody from inside speaks out.

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