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UPDATE – iOS devices ignore your file name when you upload and all I get is a IMAGE.JPEG filename. IF THE FILE IS NOT PROPERLY NAMED Yourfirstname_Lastname I will not use.   Please upload from desktop or laptop to avoid this.


I am collecting your best/favorite photo from 2016 for the 3rd annual slide show.  Read ALL Directions and Disclaimers. Submit link below the video.


  • Search your library for your favorite image you captured in 2016.
  • 16:9 crop is preferred but not required. – This fits the video nicely but portrait/vertical orientation is acceptable and should NOT be 16:9 – a much wider aspect ratio would be preferred for vertical.
  • You may watermark your image – I would prefer it not be obtrusive but it is your image.
  • Export as a JPEG – longest side at least 4,000 pixels.
  • Name the file your firstname_lastname and drop into the folder found at the link below. – If your image is not properly named it will not be used.
  • Submit by MIDNIGHT PST December 30th.


  • By submitting your image here you authorize to share your image in a slideshow on Youtube.  Your image will not be used for anything else without your express permission.
  • I will not return images – make sure you don’t give me the ONLY copy.
  • I am not responsible for copyright violations that occur on Youtube.
  • I cannot guarantee that I will use your image

 >> Submit here >> CLOSED for 2016.  See you in 2017!!

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 They all had dreams. They all had family. They died for us. Arlington National Cemetery is a heavy place, I can't help but think about all the pain and suffering when presented with row upon row of a headstone representing a fallen soldier and my mind boggles that this still happens today. On this little planet hurtling through an incomprehensible ginormous space - some people think it is ok to kill each other. :( p.s. You should google Cornelius H. Charlton - his story is interesting p.p.s My grandfather is buried in Arlington- my Mom's father was instrumental in designing and implementing early radar systems for the Navy in WW2. Captured with the #Sony #a7RII and #Canon #70200L at 200mm and f/3.2
 #mondaymorningshare - I want to see your failed experiments or favorite photos from the last week. GO TO to share your fav image from the past week. Here's my #failedexperiment The US Capitol at Sunset. File this under because I could - a 2 minute exposure with the use of a NISI Filters 10-stop ND. I hoped I would get some interesting wispy movement in the clouds but nothing developed. Next I tried a 6 minute exposure (swipe to see it) and while there may be a little more movement in the clouds it certainly wasn't anything to get excited about. And while I often recommend very carefully shooting building and monuments as symmetrically as possible, I purposefully shot from right of center to avoid losing Ulysses S. Grant statue in the front of the capitol. *  Sony #A7RII and #Canon 2470mm with #NiSiFilters #10StopND
 I love traveling with other photographers on #mckaylive trips. Kari, a trip participant, noticed this line of trees and shared her perspective with me. I had glanced at them but hadn't noticed how nicely they lined up when standing at a certain spot #teacherbecomesthestudent :) We had a great day leaving behind the cherry blossom crowds for a much quieter walk around #HarpersFerryWV. And a visit to #BolivarHeights a much fought over hilltop during the civil war and the site of the largest surrender of Union troops - over 12,000 men surrendered to Stonewall Jackson. *  Captured with the #Panasonic #GH4 and #1235mm lens

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