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Submission is closed – Finished video will be posted soon on Youtube – Make sure you are a subscriber to be notified.  Click to subscribe and be notified. 


UPDATE – iOS devices ignore your file name when you upload and all I get is a IMAGE.JPEG filename. IF THE FILE IS NOT PROPERLY NAMED Yourfirstname_Lastname I will not use.   Please upload from desktop or laptop to avoid this.


I am collecting your best/favorite photo from 2016 for the 3rd annual slide show.  Read ALL Directions and Disclaimers. Submit link below the video.


  • Search your library for your favorite image you captured in 2016.
  • 16:9 crop is preferred but not required. – This fits the video nicely but portrait/vertical orientation is acceptable and should NOT be 16:9 – a much wider aspect ratio would be preferred for vertical.
  • You may watermark your image – I would prefer it not be obtrusive but it is your image.
  • Export as a JPEG – longest side at least 4,000 pixels.
  • Name the file your firstname_lastname and drop into the folder found at the link below. – If your image is not properly named it will not be used.
  • Submit by MIDNIGHT PST December 30th.


  • By submitting your image here you authorize to share your image in a slideshow on Youtube.  Your image will not be used for anything else without your express permission.
  • I will not return images – make sure you don’t give me the ONLY copy.
  • I am not responsible for copyright violations that occur on Youtube.
  • I cannot guarantee that I will use your image

 >> Submit here >> CLOSED for 2016.  See you in 2017!!

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 Wrapping up the Sony event. Not allowed to share images from the a9 for a few more days so take a look at this wavy #NYC building I shot with my phone #fb
 What do you want to know? #a9 $4500, available end of May 24MP, 20fps, 60fps for AF calculations. No blackout, I spied a small joystick nub on back and 200RAW Images buffer. #fb
 The view from my hotel room. Hello #NYC

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