ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts |

In preparation for an upcoming lengthy international trip, I decided to purchase the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10. I already own the ThinkTank CityWalker 20 (which has been discontinued but is very similar to this model) and a LowePro backpack (this model). Currently, I use the CityWalker for day trips and other shorter excursions and the LowePro backpack for airplane travel and other longer trips. I love both of these bags and have been very happy with them for these purposes. However, for my impending trip, I wanted a smaller bag that will hold a limited amount of gear safely without weighing me and my 5’2″ frame down too much. I will be doing a ton of walking in warm weather and will be in and out of historic sites and small restaurants and cafes with a larger travel group, which means a big bag isn’t ideal. After consulting with the Photorec support group and the ThinkTank support staff, I settled on the ThinkTankSubUrban Disguise 10.

ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 |

In my ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10: Unboxing + Initial Thoughts post, I discuss the following points.

  • Exactly how I received the bag in the mail
  • The camera gear, camera accessories, and other items I plan to carry in the bag and how everything fits in it
  • All of the pockets and compartments and how I plan to use them
  • The other elements of the bag, such as the rain cover
  • How I love being able to rest my Canon 80D with varying lenses on top of the bag
  • My final initial thoughts, including the construction of the bag and how I think the bag is going to work for my upcoming trip

I also include detailed photos, showcasing every aspect of this camera bag and the exact gear I plan to carry in the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10.

Read the full post over on ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10: Unboxing and Initial Thoughts.

Please note that this post is only the unboxing and my initial thoughts. It is not a comprehensive review of the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10. Following my trip, I do plan to write a full review. When it’s available, I’ll link it to this post.

Do you own the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this bag!


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