About Toby and Photorec.tv

About Toby and Photorec.tv

What do I say about myself?


I’m a photographer and geek living in Seattle, Washington. I’ve always enjoyed photography. In college I bought a Canon SLR, (that’s right, no “D” there – just rolls and rolls of slide film) with a goal of documenting my travels and collecting images to support science teaching. I made the switch to digital in 2001 and picked up a DSLR in 2005, I have now been doing photography long enough that I have collected enough wisdom to share with others but not long enough to forgot what it was like to be a beginner. I started this site as a way to share my knowledge and help others take better photos.  Connecting with the McKay Photography Academy in 2014 was a way to share my passion and love of photography while traveling to cool international destinations with an awesome group of people. You can learn more about traveling with me (Travel with me) or just follow my adventures virtually on Instagram (follow me on Instagram)

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Facebook Reviews of Photo Recommendations (Feb 2, 2015)



“Thank you for a great series. I bought my T4i several months ago and never went past point and shoot because of all of the different options. I followed along during your series and my camera is no longer a stranger but a useful tool to take better pictures. Your friendly, even-paced presentation style makes understanding my camera easier. Thanks!” // [papguise]

“Been shooting 35 MM since 1965. Bought T4i. After some searching, I believe that you have the best teaching site and technique…Thanks” // [Ron]

“Hello Sir really you’re very helpful & amazing person i watched most of your videos” // [Adel]

“Excellent reviews, and thank you for the balanced and thorough discussion.” // [Morris]

“Thank you very much, Toby, for the excellent reviews and tutorials.” // [Marietta}

“I’ve been looking over your posts for a few days and I’ve been finding them very helpful – many thanks for that” //  [Christine]

“Thank you very very much! I will let you know when I do it if it works! I gotta say, most people won’t help someone for nothing.. You are really awesome for taking time out of your day and helping a frustrated momographer!” // [Janette]

“I’m going to buy a DSLR Camera very soon. I have been looking at reviews, prices, website after website, etc… etc… etc… for about a month now. Most of the reviews, and information on these sites were confusing, if not totally false (trying to get you to buy one product over another). What ever happened to honest reviews? I happened across your Web site today (Thank God) and all the information I have been looking for on multiple products was right there at my fingertips on one website… honest reviews, product comparisons, videos (The videos were great) and more. I have learned more about cameras, lenses, and photography in general from your site in one day than I have from all the other sites combined over the last month. You have a Great website and Facebook page. I will be visiting them lot. Keep up the Great work you guys are doing. Again Thanks” // [Ken Tatum]

Many more comments and thanks can be seen on my Facebook page Photorec.tv