Black Rapid Strap - Mini-review and gif

Mini Review of the Black Rapid RS-7 Sport Strap.Pro:

  • Having your camera at the hip, no banging against your stomach
  • The attachment is on the bottom(tripod socket), traditional straps always seemed to be in my way when they are attached at the left and right strap hooks.
  • The strap is super comfy
  • The quick release system allows you to quickly go from no strap to strap in seconds. Even unscrewing the camera connector is quick.


  • Pricey - but a good strap that is going to last you years and years
  • If you are not careful the quick release lock could come undone.
  • On occasion, when I lift the camera to shoot, the strap slides off the shoulder.  I know others are having this issue because Black Rapid addresses it on their FAQ page.   I plan to add some small rubber grip-e-ness to the bottom of the strap to see if that helps.  I am also considering going with their double strap system and attaching a lens bag on the other side.

Quick Gif of me using a Black Rapid StrapSupport this site- Order your Black Rapid Strap from Amazon or B&H. Let me know if you have any questions.