Canon 70D Review- Complete Thoughts

I heartily recommend this camera- It performs well, provides unbelievable liveview/video autofocus, even with the shallowest depth of field and moves the Canon APS-C sensor forward, performing noticeably better than the 60D and other Canon models using the same sensor.I am not the only one that feels this way -

“Ultimately, this is still the best all-around DSLR in this price segment, pending our test of the Pentax K-3. The video quality is top notch, the still image quality only suffers in extreme low light, and Dual Pixel AF offers a usability advantage that nobody else can match. For a consumer-level shooter or hobbyist that wants a durable, control-laden DSLR that can do video and stills equally well, the 70D is the choice to beat.”

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