Photo Mish Mash Ep. 8 - Viewer Questions Answered and Our Photo of the Week

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Drawing ends on 2/27/2014Q&APaul Dove - Great podcast guys, I have a question maybe not really related to this vid, but, what type of gear did you start out with way back in the day, has it been digital only or was there film in the mix and what were you shooting with and do still own the gear today?Ali Shadpour - What do you think about using a graduate ND filter to change the exposure and if they can be as smooth as pro lenses to change the amount of light coming to camera? If that is a good solution which brand do you recommend?Immanuel Parra -Hey Toby & Christina thanks for the video, very helpful, even though I do have a question, I am going to travel through Mexico in a few months and would like to know what type of lenses would be good to take some photographs and video footage while I'm out there...and I would like to hear more on the business on photography subject. Thanks once again ;)BabyBelleLove- Question specifically for Christina - and it's kinda - but, in the behind the scenes of the styled shoot it appears you're petite. So I'm not sure if that's an accurate observation or not. If so, do you have have any issues with being petite? I'm 5'1" myself and sometimes I feel like if I was a little taller I might get a better shot. Maybe it's my own issue, but if it is something you've had to take into consideration and have made adjustments for, I'd love to know!Freddy Cougar i'd like to know how to do such a photo that you got on your wall focus object with a blured/moving background ! i got a t5i and 18-55mm lens kit + 40mm pancake THX a bunchLee Pinnington- Hope you both have a great weekend and always watch to the very end. If you wanted to do the detailed stuff then that would be fine, always interesting, maybe do one about props and giving the image that extra oomf!Jeff Martins My question would be about cards. Will the quality of the card effect the sharpness of a photo. Also will thequality effect video playback?I have had some issues with stop and go playback, not sure if it is something I am doing or the quality of the cards I was using.One more questions how many time can you reuse a card? by erasing old photos. Thanks for all you advise.Ahmed Adly Question 2: what's the best photography contests, not in terms of prizes but in terms of best competition with professional photographers.David Danseur- How can I tell what the native resolution of my photos is?And a follow-up: When exporting out of Lightroom or Photoshop for web presentation, which resolution should I set my photos to export at?Dale Harrison- Question: Do you run into aliasing and moire issues when shooting video? I have a t5i and 70d and both cameras seem to have issues with this. It seems to be really bad when shooting video outside. What recommendations do you have about this....Melinda Cochran I would like to know how you keep your equipment safe when traveling. What do you do when you stay in motels/hotels ect.Rene Beaudoin Hello to both of you from Canada, I have recently purchased a Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1:2.8 L IS USM. I understand that it is one of the top of the line in Macro Lens and my Question is, Would you or wouldn't you add ext.tubes to this lens. Better yet is it possible to add ext tubes to this lens. I thank you in advance for any advise that you can answer on this question. All the best to both.Daniel Colyer In terms of composition, what do you look for when shooting street photography?David Aronov My question: When uploading to Instagram, maybe you have mentioned this before, but which way is best to upload to Instagram the 1 x 1 ratio or the way I have been doing which is full size but with a white boarder around the picture? I noticed many do it your way and the pictures are really HQ but also it does cut down some of the details I wanted to include in the picture.Michael Kahn Any tips on how to get good candids of kids? They move quickly and sometimes either freeze or (the opposite) act out when they see me break out the camera.Ahmed Adly My Question: How to get Sharp images with night shooting, and is increasing the F to 22 or above a good practice? as some friends advised to do soNew Segment - Favorite photo of the week - Christina and I both pick a photo from the Flickr Group(uploaded within the last week). In the future we will actually tell you WHY we picked our images. In this episode you just get to see the photo that we each selected as being our favorite from the past week.Thanks for watching/reading and don't forget to Subscribe!