Photo Assignment #2 (Double Take)

Just a reminder that we announced in a past critique that we have a new assignment!   I haven't come up with a catchy title - feel free to submit some suggestions below.  Thanks to Roy M for the name suggestion! Your assignment involves two images - one that captures "everything" and a second image that picks a subject within that "everything" to focus on(no pun intended). Our goal here is to get you to look at a scene and decide what is special about the scene and what you can capture to highlight that special-ness. In our recent photo critique, Terry submitted two images that illustrate the assignment nicely.Chinese Temple 1Chinese Temple 2Our most recent Critque where we talk in more detail about the assignment at the 23:25 mark.We will be looking to critique Assignment #2 photos during the last weekend in May.   So get out and get shooting 2x.  And leave a name suggestion for this assignment.